A Toddler’s Tour of Intu Uxbridge (formerly known as The Chimes)

This evening I did something out of the norm. I took the boy out late-night shopping after work! We don’t usually go out in evenings when he should be getting ready for bed. But he’s been ill and kept cooped up indoors the past week, and today, with it being so light outside, I said to Tyler, “Do you fancy going for a walk somewhere?” He goes “Yes! Walk!”

So off we went, with my sister, and had a little wander around Intu Uxbridge at 7.30pm on a Thursday evening! As it was the end of the day, it was nice and quiet with just the last of the shoppers. Tyler really enjoyed running around in all the space. And of course, I just had to take photos! Here are just a few ๐Ÿ˜‰

This red door – I love it! It’s in a little alley by the entrance, I read somewhere that they kept this bit olde style to keep a memory of the houses that used to be on this site in the olden days.3

Giant pink bag at the entrance – you really can’t miss it!
Intu Uxbridge Giant Pink Bag

Inside, Tyler was marching along with his aunty, like he was on a mission! I thought I’d capture a few shots of the stores, as people love to see where shops used to be – I’m sure these will be useful in 20 years time!
10 9 8

Lovely butterflies above the escalators. They got a ‘wow’ off Tyler.7 6 5 4

And through that secret alleyway, as well as the red door, we have this beauty here. So pretty.
Here’s where the secret alleyway comes out into the High Street.

After that we made our way home (well to my mum’s house), where Tyler had his bath and fell asleep straight away – result! Maybe I should make toddler late night shopping a regular thing!

Sabrina x


18 responses to “A Toddler’s Tour of Intu Uxbridge (formerly known as The Chimes)

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  2. How great. I love that I’m reading a post that I know where it is!! And it looked like a great day. And there was sleep! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week


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  4. I love your image of the giant handbag with your child touching it (with his back to the camera) in Uxbridge 2015. I would like to use the image, with your permission, in my Brunel University PhD which is about comparing ‘local emotion’ in different towns. Would that be
    okay. I would credit you and your website in full.


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