Wagamama and a Movie Night

One child-free evening (thanks mum!) = dinner and a night out at the cinema.

My siblings are Marvel mad – so had been waiting since forever for the latest Avengers film to come out. The week of it’s release, we had tickets booked at 8.15pm at the Odeon Uxbridge. We decided to have a pre-movie meal and with a new Wagamama recently opened on the High Street, we thought we’d check it out. Big noodle fans here 🙂

Wagamamas Uxbridges

The new branch is right next to Nandos (who can’t have been happy about that!) It looks so shiny and new from the outside, bringing a bit of trendiness to the high street. We walked in one door, and then through another side door straight into the eating area and were seated quite quickly. Wagamama is one of those places with benches that you have to share with other customers – so if you’re people-phobic, this is not the place for you!

A young girl took our order (assume she’s a Brunel student), and she scribbled our dish choices on the paper coasters. These were our choices:

– yasai yaki soba (veggie choice for my veggie brother)
– chicken raisukaree (my sister’s choice – she fancied a curry)
– teriyaki chicken donburi (my husband’s choice – because it looked colourful on the menu)
– yaki soba (my choice – cos I love the word ‘yaki’!)Wagamamas Uxbridges

We all thought the food was delicious. The dishes arrived at slightly different times, but quite quickly. I had a carrot and ginger fresh juice which was so thirst-quenchingly nice, I could have easily had another!

Here’s my husband’s teriyaki chicken donburi, with pickle. The verdict – mmmmmm.


And here is my yaki soba. Not quite as pretty as the dish above, but it’s one of my favourite dishes at Wagamama. I love the red ginger garnish, gives it a nice kick.


We were done within the hour, and it came to roughly £50 – about £12 each, not too expensive. We still had time before the film so made our way slowly to the Odeon inside the Intu shopping centre. Which actually was not far at all – we just turned left out of Wagamama, turned the corner after Slug and Lettuce, and the Odeon outside entrance was just there.

Odeon Imax Uxbridge

I do like the bit before you go inside, when you decide what to take in. There’s lots of choices in the foyer – popcorn and a drink, pic ‘n’ mix, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or a Costa coffee.  My husband went for a Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Sundae. I went for a Costa Mocha, as I wanted something warm. There was a little queue, but they serve quite quickly in there. I love the painting above the Costa, it makes you feel as it you’re on holiday 🙂

Costa (Odeon Uxbridge) Intu

We went in, and I won’t say anymore in case anyone reading hasn’t seen the Avengers yet – don’t want to ruin it! We had good seats though, right at the back! Just like being kids again 😀

Now I’m looking forward to my next night off (mum – please babysit again!)

Sabrina x

This is an entry for the Intu Uxbridge Retailologist competition.


8 responses to “Wagamama and a Movie Night

    • Oh it was so good. And yes I was so excited when Costa opened in the odeon! Sometimes I’m just not in the popcorn mood, so this is perfect! xx


  1. Aah I miss Wagamama! When we loved in Kingston, we had one just down the road from our house! Always a winner! We’ve not been to the cinema for absolutely AGES. Must try and get a babysitter and go! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk


    • Hee hee I love their food. I think they sell the sauces now in Tesco so you can make it at home. Never tried it though! Yes, go get a sitter, it’s so nice to go once in a while! 🙂


  2. I have never been to a Wagamama since they don’t have one in our town, but they do look delicious and I have heard so many nice things about them. I must try them out sometime when I head down to London. Dinner and movies sounds great- haven’t been to the cinema in ages. xx


    • Ahh shame, defo recommend if you’re ever in London 🙂 I’ve seen their sauces in Tesco so maybe you could try it at home instead! I hadn’t been to the cinema for ages before we saw the Avengers, it really felt like a treat. It’s so rare to go out if you have a baby, I think we mums definitely appreciate it more 🙂 xx


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