Top 8 Toddler Boys Pants and Potty Training

Today I’m sharing with you my Top 8 Toddler Pants (or ‘briefs’ as they are officially called), as today was the day Tyler chose his own pants. Potty training – here we come!

Top Boys Pants

Here’s what I have selected, and Tyler actually chose the first two:

– Vehicle Pants 5-pack – Tesco – £3.50
– Avengers Pants 5-pack – Primark – £3.50
– Fire Engine Pants  5-pack – M&S – £6
– Stars & Stripes Pants 5-pack – Asda – £3
– Mini Superheroes Pants 5-pack – BHS – £4.50 (on offer)
– George (Peppa Pig) Pants 5-pack – Boots – £8
– Emergency Vehicle Pants 5-pack – Matalan – £4
– Thomas Pants 5-pack – Mothercare – £7

There is a lot of choice on the high street and all at different price points, so it depends what brand you go for and if you go for characters.

I bought age 2-3 for Tyler which fits him perfectly. He was so excited to buy the pants in Primark, I think he understands that he’s being a big boy. He took it to the till, and then when it was bagged, he carried it all the way home – he would not let go of this bag! He even kept checking inside the bag every now and then to see if the pants were still inside!

Toddler Shopping Primark

So I guess this was our first day of potty training. Nappy came off at 3pm and he wore the blue ambulance pants first. No trousers – just pants and a t-shirt. Then he pooed in the pants. Great.

The next pants lasted an hour and a half, till he peed in his bedroom. He went ‘Oh dear!’ I told him not to worry, next time he needs to pee, we got to the potty or the loo. But he wasn’t listening and was running around the flat laughing like crazy.

Another hour and a half later he peed in his pants again, but didn’t say anything. I wouldn’t have known unless I saw the puddle on the floor. He seemed happy to stand around in wet pants. I was like, ‘Tyler, are your pants wet? Don’t you want to take the wet pants off?’. Nothing. Oh well – Day 2 tomorrow!

Sabrina x

EDIT: We gave up with the potty training as I felt he wasn’t ready, and waited 2 more months until the end of August/beginning of Sept when he was 3 years and 4 months – post here: Potty Trained in 2 weeks

15 responses to “Top 8 Toddler Boys Pants and Potty Training

  1. Getting new boys pants is a big step – I once bought my nephew some new Ben 10 pants (he went through a Ben 10 obsession), but he felt the need to show everyone his new pants as he was so pleased with them… Got him out of nappies though! Good luck for day 2 xx #TwinklyTuesday


    • Oh yes Tyler was lifting his shirt up and showing dada when he came back from work – so funny! Day 2 and he’s peed in his pants and still saying ‘NO!’ to the potty – but I’m sure we’ll get there! xx


    • Haha, we’ve already gone through 6 pants since we bought the packs yesterday! Maybe I will have to buy all of the ones in my Top 8!


  2. My daughters have very specific undie requirements. J needs the fabric-covered elastic and M requires the feeling of scalloped elastic on her to be sure their won’t fall off. My identical daughters have always shared clothes… except when it came to panties since they liked precisely opposite things! M also has a soft spot for day-of-the-week panties, although she likes to be subversive and wears them on the wrong days.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


    • Haha that’s so funny, and really interesting how, no matter how young they are, they do have opinions! Tyler loves his new pants, but he prefers wearing them on his head! Boys! xx


  3. Good luck Sabrina, I have tow boys and found potty training so hard, I have heard it is harder with boys! But they both loved buying and choosing big boy pants which really helped x


    • Oh thank you, it is hard! Tyler is just peeing through the pants and splashing in the puddle he makes! He hates the potty and kicks it away, and is terrified of the loo! And he’s taken to wearing the pants on his head. Oh well, it’s only week 1! xx


  4. Our twins are really resisting the potty – one still hasn’t weed at all. I think getting them some nice new pants of their choice might really help – thansk for this post!


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