What exactly happens at a Pre-school Graduation?

I 11698695_10152841820196364_1338130299064943293_nwas so curious, as was my husband who actually took a day off work to attend our boy’s Preschool Graduation. It’s the end of Summer Term and this pre-school is changing ownership from September, so really it was a farewell party for the kiddies. The room was set up with seating in a square and carpet in the middle for the kids to sit on. Of course, did Tyler sit on the carpet? No! He really was a brat but luckily so was his friend who he was sitting next to in the back row! They wouldn’t wear their graduation hats either – ‘No like it!’ The hats had been handmade out of black card – I seriously LOVED the hats! I managed to get a photo using the selfie mode – he does like to look at himself.

The teachers stood at the front, called out each child’s name and handed them a rolled up certificate and a folder of their work. When it was his turn, I had to drag Tyler to the front (brat), whilst the others went so nicely by themselves. It was so cute.

They had a little disco after, there was a DJ and disco lights. The kids jumped in unison, Tyler sat on my lap. He was not taking part!

Then they had a lady entertainer. She sang songs for taking part in, like Row Your Boat. Tyler did not want to play row your boat. Musical statues. No. If you’re happy and you know it. No. What a grump. I was sat with him in the centre, and looked back at my husband in his pink shirt, who was looking incredibly bored. Then I looked at the other dad there, who was also wearing a pink shirt, also looking incredibly bored. That really made me laugh – dads!

Pass the parcel was next, or pass the teddy, Whoever got the teddy got a jelly baby. When Tyler got his jelly baby, he bit it and gave it to me saying ‘No like it’. This boy only eats chocolate. Then Capri Suns were handed out. After Tyler drank his, he really perked up. Ahh, there was my happy boy! He started running around the room, and didn’t stop, even through the next activities. His friend joined him too, and the two boys were running up and down the room.

A giant rainbow parachute was brought out. I think this was the most popular game of the day. We had to hold it at the edges and move it up and down. The children went nuts and ran underneath it, like it was the most amazing thing ever! The lady was desperately trying to get the children to stand at the edges, but it was impossible. I was like, hello, they are 3! Let them just run under the parachute, can’t you see how happy they are? Oh well.

There was a picnic afterward, but we said our goodbyes and headed off for lunch at nearby Cowley Lock. Everytime I drive to my parents’ to drop off Tyler, he shouts out ‘Look at all the boats’ as I drive over a particular hilly road. So today we actually went to that hilly bit. We had lunch by the canal, and watched the boats come and go. It was such a friendly place, everyone seemed to know one another.

The Malt Shovel, Cowley Lock, Lunch

After lunch and lots of spilt drinks (wobbly decking plus toddler is not a good idea!), we went for a walk along the canal. It was so pretty, I can’t believe this has been near where I grew up all my life and I never knew about it. Still, I’m glad we found it now.

Cowley Lock, Tea Rooms

Further along the path was Cowley Recreation Ground, where there was a little playground. Tyler had a play on the swings, slide and roundabout while we sat in the sun.

Cowley Recreation Ground

After that we headed back to my parents’ where some family members were there, as my cousin just graduated for real at nearby Brunel University. That was quite funny – a preschool graduation and a real degree graduation on the same day.

Anyhoo, that was it really, so if you have ever wondered what happens at a preschool graduation, I hope this gives you a glimpse. It’s a really cute idea, I’m so glad they did it. I know it’s an American thing, and they are not really graduating at 3 years old, but it’s all a bit of fun. And we love having fun 🙂

Sabrina x


14 responses to “What exactly happens at a Pre-school Graduation?

  1. Thanks! I’ve wondered what went on at them. A few of our friends have mentioned them but our daughter’s school doesn’t seem to do it. Looks like you had a lovely day 🙂 #PicknMix


  2. I wrote about my little boy graduation too. For me I think it is a big deal as it is for my boy, but only because we have a lot of changes in our lives. It looks like you all had a lovely day. I love walking along the canal when we were living in London too. So relaxing. 🙂 #PicknMix


    • Aw, I think next year I will be more emotional. But this year, he’s still at pre-school for another year. Still I’m glad they did it, the kids were so cute in their little hats! We were lucky with the weather, that canal walk was so pretty. A great end to the day xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I was curious as I’ve seen so many pre-school graduations recently! Glad he perked up in the end, capri-sun does that to my son too! #mummymonday


    • Yes beforehand, I always saw photos of preschool graduations and thought it was a bit too serious, but actually it was loads of fun. And thank god for capri sun haha! xx


  4. What a lovely day. I adore the hats. Such a cute thing to have a little ceremony with rolled up paper and such a nice celebration after. I’d love to visit a canal for a walk. It looks really pretty. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x


    • It was so cute, and I’m glad the hat and the certificate with handmade out of card/paper – made it less serious as they are only 3! The canal was such a nice surprise to find, we’ll definitely be going back a lot, as it’s right near my parents’ house! xx


  5. That’s lovely to have a little farewell graduation ceremony. My O would be exactly the same though, I’m not wearing that hat and mummy sit next to me. He’s very shy in groups (taken him a year to talk to the adults at nursery!) and would hold my hand if he had to go to the front (if he would go at all). It’s just different personalities I guess!

    Lovely to stop by the canal afterward too, we have a few places that we drive past too, that we should really stop and look at sometime! Gorgeous photos, hope he has a lovely summer.

    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather. 🙂 x


    • I feel so much better reading your comment, your boy sounds just like Tyler – I’m glad he’s not alone! It is different personalities, our two will probably be the creative ones when they grow up! Yes do stop sometimes, I can’t believe I had been driving past this canal like all my life and never knew it was there – doh! xx


  6. Oh this is just so cute and sounds a lot of fun 🙂 I’ve never understood why they love the parachute thing so much but they all seem to! 🙂

    Stevie xx #PicknMix


    • It was really cute, and not too serious too which was good. Yes that parachute, they all went crazy – I guess it looks so massive to them, like they’re really under a rainbow or something! xx

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