Top 8 Toddler Clothes from GAP – Summer 2015

This week’s Top 8 Toddler Clothes is from the Gap. Now I must admit, I hardly ever shop in this store as their style is not to my personal preference. But I’ve recently discovered their nightwear, and it’s such a good fit on my boy. I thought I’d check out what else they offered in the current range, and this is what I discovered:

Top 8 Toddler Clothes - GAP

The boys section mainly offered plain clothes, but I liked this hawaiian styled polo shirt, and I love a denim shirt on my boy. Although £20 is a bit steep. The red trainers are called ‘retro’ trainers, and they do look pretty cool.

For girls, I liked the yellow dress, it looks summery, and teamed with those yellow sandals would look great. The T-shirt has a bus on it – tick! They should do a version for boys.

The third item along are summer PJ sets. Cute little monkeys carrying surfboards for boys, and an ice lolly design for girls – thumbs up from me 🙂


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