Me & Mine – July 2015

Sorry I’m late with July’s Me & Mine – been out and about so much. This is why I love summer! Anyhoo, I have chosen a family photo that makes me chuckle. It is so awful that it’s funny – an attempt at a family selfie during Tyler’s pre-school graduation! He would not wear that hat, so I wore it, and then he would not sit on my lap. It was just a comedy moment 😛

Preschool graduation selfie

Highlights of July were obviously the pre-school graduation. It was also the month Tyler and I had our first Mummy and Son mini-holiday in Southend – by ourselves and with no buggy! It was so much fun, he really enjoyed it, that we really must do it again this summer.  We had another Southend day out with my sister that following week. This month we also discovered Cowley Lock, so happy to have found somewhere so pretty to relax at near my parents house. And we’ve discovered a Hawaiian beach in our neighbouring town of Maidenhead, a toddler-friendly festival at Caversham and a woodlands local to us at Burnham Beeches! Loving all these summer days out!

There’ve been quite a few child-free nights for me and my hubby – a riverside date night at Putney, friends night out at Hampton by the Thames, a siblings birthday weekend in London and we saw the Book of Mormon at the Theatre. I hadn’t been to the Theatre in years, so it was a real treat.

The blog is going really well, I’m nearly in the TOTS100 Top 500, out of 8000 blogs, I’m so well chuffed! I’ve been collaborating with Wayfair on a secret assignment – I’ll reveal all very soon – and I’ve been chosen to be the official intu Uxbridge Retailologist!

So July has been a really good month, although it went far to quickly! Looking forward to relaxing in August as we have a summer holiday booked on the coast.

That’s it for now. Hope you’ve got great plans for August too!

Sabrina x

dear beautiful

2 responses to “Me & Mine – July 2015

    • Haha, sometimes I like these photos – they show how it really is! He’s still in preschool next year, this graduation was really a bye-bye as they’re changing owners. Glad we have one year left before real school! xx


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