Our Ikea Bedroom Makeover

Last week I shared with you Tyler’s toddler bedroom makeover. Today I finished the makeover for our own bedroom. We have a large master bedroom with an en-suite in this new-build apartment we bought last year. There was a blank wall where I presume we were meant to build in our choice of fitted wardrobes. We kind of never got around to it, partly because we just couldn’t decide what to do with the space, mostly because it was a forgotten part of the flat. We just slept in this room! Over the year, it has become a dumping ground for random clutter and most of my husband’s clothes! Here is what it looked like:

Ikea Bedroom Makeover

My beautiful upcycled furniture were not meant to have all that on it! And I had bought that clothes stand for my husband to hang the next day’s outfit on it, so dressing in the morning would be easier. Well that is a lot of outfits! Add to that my bag of clothes for ebaying that has been there for months, unopened Christmas presents, empty shoes boxes and wrapping paper. Ugh such a mess – enough was enough! I got on to the Ikea website and ordered a Lappland TV Unit with grey and yellow Drona boxes, a Stave mirror, Malm drawers and photo frames.

And here is how it looks now…

Ikea Makeover

Ikea Makeover

Ikea Makeover

Ikea Makeover

At last it looks tidy, and now it feels like we have a cinema in our bedroom. I love watching TV in bed, and my little cube of seaside fairy lights 🙂


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24 responses to “Our Ikea Bedroom Makeover

  1. I love the shot of your bed, looks like something out of a magazine and then you spot Tyler’s cheeky little face! Looks great though 🙂 xx


    • Ahh thank you! It was sooo hard getting this shot – Tyler kept jumping on the bed everytime I smoothed the sheets down. I was like, get off the bed! lol xx


  2. So tidy and organised now! Yet really colourful. I love it! So much better. Love Ikea and am always blown away at home their furniture transforms a room! Thanks so much for linking up, much appreciated. Such a lovely post. Jess xx



  3. My Ikea wishlist is growing by the day at the moment, I have so many projects in mind and I’m sure Ikea could fulfil most of them. It looks fab well done on getting it all sorted #HomeEtc


    • That’s what happened, this humoungous wishlist – I just decided to order it all online in one day and put it on my credit card! I’m so glad, it’s a much nicer flat to live in now xx


  4. It looks lovely hon! Our bedroom is one of my favourite rooms but we’ll be giving it up for the boys to have a bigger room at some point…at least I get to do some decorating though!
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x x


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