Salt Hill Park Play Area | Slough, Berkshire

Slough - It's not so bad - The Mummy StylistWhen you’ve got a toddler, playgrounds are a saviour – somewhere to let them run around while you get to have a rest. In Slough, our nearest one is at Salt Hill Park, off Bath Road. It’s next to the Absolutely Ten Pin Bowling Alley which has indoor soft play, so you get the choice of outdoor and indoor play here.

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

Out of all the play areas in Slough, I would say this one is the prettiest and the equipment is quite new, as it was a lottery-funded project from about 5 years ago. Before then, this area was a bowling green.

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

There’s not one slide here, but three! And they all have easy steps so kids can climb up unaided. I’ve seen slides in other play areas where kids have to climb some sort of frame to get to the top, which I find quite a pain if you have a toddler, constantly on edge. So I am really happy with the slides at Salt Hill Park Play Area.

Slide 1:

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

Slide 2 (the big one!):

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

Slide 3:

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

Within the area with the first two slides are lots of little nooks and crannies, including:

A little ‘cooking area’

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

This activity on the wall:

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

Little hiding places on the climb up to the slide:

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

This is one of Tyler’s favourites – he loves to ‘hide’ in here and people-watch. It’s also where THAT conversation happened. When Tyler said to a girl with short brown hair coming up the steps, “Be careful boy. Be careful boy” in his sweet sing-songy voice. She said “I’m not a boy. I’M A GIRL!”
He said “Be careful girl. Be careful girl.” To which the girl said, thanks, going doing the slide and looking back at him confused but smiling.  See, it’s a great place to make friends 😛

There’s also a roundabout, with little palm trees and a picnic table behind it. And there is a water feature in front of it, but we don’t really use that bit.

This just happened. There's a little girl going up the slide at the park. Tyler says, "Be careful boy. Be careful boy" in his sweet sing-songy voice. She says "I'm not a boy. I'M A GIRL!" "Be careful girl. Be careful girl." "Thanks" says confused girl.

The Kashmiri building in the background has a playground cafe behind it. There’s also the rougher playground behind it for the older kids with climbing frames and swings. We don’t go to that one. In fact I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Salt Hill Park as it’s not the most safe of parks, especially at night.

But Salt Hill Park Play Area is separated from the rest of Salt Hill Park by high hedges and gates, it’s fully enclosed and we feel pretty safe there, it being by the main road and bowling alley. We’ve had no problems, the children playing there and the parents are always friendly when we visit and Tyler loves it.

Salt Hill Park Play Area - Slough

If you’re ever shopping in Slough Town Centre, this play area is about a 5-10 minute walk, so a good place to have a break.

Address: Salt Hill Park Play Area, Bath Road, Slough SL1 3SR (next to Absolutely Ten Pin)

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5 responses to “Salt Hill Park Play Area | Slough, Berkshire

  1. Parks are definitely a must for toddlers, we visit the parks near us at least twice a week if not more. Excellent for running off all that extra steam kids have. Salt Hill park looks really lovely, lots of new play equipment to play on. A shame the rest of the park doesn’t seem that safe, but at least it’s nice there and the other parents and kids are friendly. Sweet that he’s making new little friends there too!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  2. I love parks. The slides in ours though are all way too big for Evie to go solo at the moment which is such a shame. I wish we had some close by that suited children of all ages and not just big kids. This looks like such a lovely park. A great place to make friends. Thank you so so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x


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