Tyler’s Toddler Style #5 : Red Riding Hood for Boys!

This week I thought I’d show you Tyler’s snazzy new red jacket that his Nana bought for him. It’s from Debenhams and it’s Ted Baker. I love their Baker Boy range, although it is a bit pricey so I normally wait for the sales. My mum got this jacket in the sale for £20. I think it was £30.


It’s a perfect Autumn jacket as it’s light, but the body is fleece lined for extra warmth. So kind of a pre-Winter and a Spring jacket. The outer fabric is water-proof, good for those rainy days. There’s little square ‘B’ embellishings on the side and back, just so you know it’s Ted Baker! The zip’s a bit fiddly to do up, but I find that problem with all of Tyler’s coats.


Here’s a close-up of the back, where you can see inside the hood is a cool lizard print. I call it a ‘Red Riding Hood for Boys’ 😉


It keeps him warm, and as it’s such a bright colour, I can easily see him if he runs off! Very handy on our day out here!


Jacket – Ted Baker, Debenhams – £20 (was £30)
Jeans – Next – £11
Shoes – Next via Ebay – £12

Have you got a favourite jacket for your little ones?

Sabrina x
The Knott Bump & Us


14 responses to “Tyler’s Toddler Style #5 : Red Riding Hood for Boys!

  1. I am loving Tylers jacket, its stunning. Hope you had a fab day in London. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday


  2. I love Ted Baker kids. They use such lovely colours and materials. You’re right about them being pricey sometimes but the sales are always good! He really suits Red doesn’t he! I love seeing photos of you guys out and about 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us again lovey and hope you’ve had a great weekend! #weekendministyle


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