Wall Art by my toddler

Ages ago I got this wooden alphabet art piece from Wilkos, it was in the sale for only £3. So cheap, I thought I’d let Tyler loose on it with the paints.


I also had a spare small blank canvas so I let Tyler get painting on this too – it really brought out the artist in him! I set out his table with newspaper and paint pots filled with neon poster paints.


It started off very beautiful, we had ‘the sun’ and a ‘hot air balloon’, and then he painted a ‘train’ which was basically mixing it all up into this brown-y mess! Anyway here’s before it got messy:


With the alphabet piece, I started roughly painting the letters in different colours and then Tyler took over.

IMG_2299 IMG_2303

I quite like it being messy – proper art!

IMG_2336 IMG_2337

I hung the pieces up in Tyler’s bedroom and I LOVE it! It’s art on the wall actually made by Tyler 🙂

IMG_2334  IMG_2338


Next time you get your child painting, why don’t you try it on canvas and make some art! You can get canvases pretty cheap these days, from shops like The Works. And that way you’ll have some unique and personal art on the wall, worth £millions of course 😉

Sabrina x


21 responses to “Wall Art by my toddler

  1. Well done Tyler! It looks much better with all the colour. I love those kind of finds that you can have a go at putting your own (or your child’s) own twist on.


    • Oh yes, he really got into it! I totally agree about the other masterpiece, I wished he didn’t mix it all up, but it happened so quickly, I was like ‘nooooo!’ xx


    • Ahh thank you! He had loads of fun, when he finished, he asked me to wipe it off so he could paint it again! I was like, no it has to dry and then go on the wall. Think he gets it now! xx


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