Double Duvet Covers for Boys

Remember back in September we did a makeover for Tyler’s bedroom and we put a double bed in there. Well I decided it was time to get some duvet covers more suitable for a 3-year-old. Of course, you can’t just buy kiddie double duvet covers on the high street, as single is more of the norm. So I turned to good old Ebay. There are so many designs to choose from, I was browsing for ages. In the end I bought these two:


Construction Trucks Double Duvet Cover – £16.99 – seller: Lifestylish
‘Out n About’ Double Duvet Cover – £19.99 – seller: Children’s Rooms

Both had free postage and packaging and came in the post within 2 days, and each set came with 2 pillowcases. On Saturday, I tried them on, so excited was I to see how they would look. The first one I put on was the Construction Trucks one, and it looked like this:

IMG_2403 IMG_2404

Such a bright and colourful print, I was really pleased with how it looked. It’s double sided too, so the print is on both sides. The quality of the fabric was a bit tough and thin, so I’m going to wash it to soften it up. The pillowcases are wider than standard ones, I assume they’re made for another country’s sizing. Here is a close-up of the pillowcase.


Tyler LOVES it!


I took it off to Tyler’s dismay – “My new bed!” he cried! I told him that I was just trying the other cover on now! This is how the ‘Out n About’ duvet cover looked:


I love the print on this, it has a track and a steam train at the bottom, and then cars, school buses, shops and animal characters, it’s so cool!


The quality is so much better than the other cover, so it’s worth paying extra as this one cost £19.99. The fabric is soft, and there is piping all along the edges. The other side of the duvet cover has a pale blue print. The brand logo ‘hiccups’ is sewn as a label, so it looks better quality.


This brand ‘hiccups’ is from Australia according to the packaging – I quite like having something that’s come from the other side of the world! Here’s the train and track at the bottom of the quilt.


And here is a close-up of the pillowcase:IMG_2415



Cute hey? So there you have it, double duvets can be for kids too!

Sabrina x
Home Etc


8 responses to “Double Duvet Covers for Boys

  1. That’s a great tip to look on Ebay! I love them both but I think my favourite is the out and about print owing to being a crazy lover of all things animals 🙂 He looks very snug under his new covers X #HomeEtc


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