Make your own Christmas Decs #bostikbloggers

It’s nearly time to get your Christmas Tree out – 1 week to go! I thought I’d get in the festive mood by making some Christmas Decs to go on the tree. I do like the handmade look. Tyler and I got crafty yesterday and made these bits and bobs:


Earlier in the month, I got my November craft kit from Bostik / Tots100 and this time it had a definite snow theme. We had white glue, white blu tack, foam stars, snowflake stickers, a foam snowman, felt, coloured lolly sticks, curly ribbon and glitter card.


I decided I wanted something useful for the home from this kit, so that’s how I got to the Christmas Decs ideas. I was trying to do it without Tyler realising, but he saw me. “I wanna!” he said and tipped the box over the floor! So, I helped him make a snowman. Quite on topic, as we had just watched the Peppa Pig episode where they made a snowman, so Tyler was super keen.

IMG_2589I put on blobs of white glue, and he stuck buttons on, and bits of felt for the scarf. I cut a lolly stick in half and he stuck them on as arms. I made a hat out of the glitter card, a nose out of felt and drew the face on.

Now back to the decs, basically I cut the felt into shapes, stitched together with embroidery thread in a contrasting colour and filled with a bit of stuffing. I stuck the snowflake stickers on two of the decs. I cut a bit of the curly ribbon to sew on as hooks to hang on the tree. There were also pom poms in the kit, so I sewed some thread through to put them together. Here’s what they look like:


With the foam stars, I used glitter glue to make a pattern, and these can be decs on tabletops.


A pretty productive afternoon I’d say!


I can’t wait to get the tree out next and hang them up. And maybe we’ll stick Tyler’s snowman on the wall!

Are you feeling crafty this Christmas?

Sabrina x

Home Etc

9 responses to “Make your own Christmas Decs #bostikbloggers

  1. I just love Christmas crafts. The earlier you get the kids started the better. It is great for their creativity and motor skills. Decorating the tree with Tyler will be so much fun this year, I bet.


  2. What a lovely idea!!! I’m so excited about Christmas!! We’ve got a little tree for the boys to put their homemade decs on!!! Can’t wait to start decorating!! WOOP! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us! 🙂 #HomeEtc


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