Week without Dada – Day 6/7

I didn’t write an update yesterday as I was out pretty much the whole day. We had our Secret Santa at work, and I got not just one but FOUR wrapped pressies! This is what my Secret Santa got me:


I’m well chuffed, best Secret Santa ever!

A much loved member of our team was leaving today, so we had a little leaving do after work, and also a lot of hugs and goodbyes as it was some people’s last day at work until the New Year.

I got back to my parents at about 9 and Tyler was still awake, playing a Thomas the Tank Engine game on my brother’s iMac. I was shattered so went straight to bed!

This morning, we made our way home. I’ve just done a tidy up, got food in the fridge and now we are just waiting for Tyler’s Dada to get home, which should be any minute now – exciting!

Sabrina x


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