Week without Dada – Day 5

Last night I asked Tyler what he did at pre-school that day. He said in a monotonous voice “Play trains. Sand. Read books. Tidy up. And play vans.” That’s the most I’ve gotten out of him about school ever! So bedtime is the time to ask about his day.

We stayed at my parents last night, so we got a lie-in this morning. Tyler woke at 8am and then had his brekkie before pre-school, and I went to work.


When I got back in the evening, in contrast to the rest of the week when he was really clingy with me, this evening he wasn’t interested in mummy as his aunty and uncle were home. I was like, whatever!


Tyler had brought the cutest things back from pre-school as they had broken up for the holidays today. These are some Christmas crafty bits – including a card with Tyler’s footprints as mistletoe. That explains why he had green paint on his feet the other day!


And he was also going on about Reindeer Food – shaking this plastic cup of oats and glitter about.


It’s really nicely made up, with a note saying “Magic Reindeer Food. Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright. As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home.” Ahh.


I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday, as then on Saturday Tyler’s Dada will be home – hooray! Just got to get through one more day of work. Well, at least tomorrow we are having our Secret Santa – I wonder what I’ll get!

Sabrina x


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