Faceless photos for your home

Following on from last week’s post about what photos to put on the wall, I have since discovered that in some cultures/religions you are not allowed to put photos with faces up in the home. It just got me thinking that if this did apply to me, what would I put up? I love having photos of family and holidays around to remind me of happy times. But actually, it can be quite arty not having faces showing. In fact, we already have an arty photo up in our bedroom from a holiday in Teignmouth, Devon.


Since my post last week, I still have not got any further in choosing which photos to put in the frames I bought! I think I need a day off from blogging, work and being a mum so I can just sit at my laptop and choose photos! But for now, here’s what I would pick if I were to choose face-less photos – you’ll see there’s an obvious outdoors/holiday theme going on…

This is one of my favourite photos ever, in fact I might actually print this one out! It’s at Northalla Fields in Northolt, taken just before Tyler turned 2.


This is my second-favourite. Tyler was only 15 months here, looking out over the ocean at Land’s End, Cornwall.


And this is another Land’s End one:


This is a mummy and son one at Southend, Essex:


A daddy and son one at Windsor Great Park:


An uncle and aunty one at Torquay, Devon:


And finally a canal boat shot at Cowley Lock:


So having face-less photos isn’t as bad as I thought when I first heard of it.  What I’m thinking is outdoor, landscape posts with your loved ones looking at the view, that’s what makes a lovely print. If the face-less rule does apply to you, I hope this post has given some inspiration on what sort of photos to have around the home.

Sabrina x

Home Etc

10 responses to “Faceless photos for your home

    • It’s a big decision isn’t it, as they are on the wall for a while! I’m thinking to print out one of those faceless photos, they look quite arty 🙂


  1. They look fab, all such lovely shots. I actually dont have many family shots on my walls. They are all places, in fact I aim to order a canvas to remedy that x


  2. This is a great idea, for some reason I’m not hugely keen on the idea of people – even loved ones – being plastered all over the walls. I’d much rather put landscapes or more artistic shots like these up. Thanks for the inspiration X #HomeEtc


  3. Hello Sabrina! Thanks so much for linking up with us! My house was hit with the dreaded winter sick bug last week so I’m so behind with my comments. Just catching up now!I had no idea that in some cultures you weren’t able to show faces in photos?! How interesting! One of my favourite photos of my boy and I is from our wedding day and we’re walking away from the camera, funnily enough. I prefer shots when people are not facing the camera, straight on! I could definitely get used to the faceless photo culture!

    PS #HomeEtc is live tomorrow from 6.30am xx


    • Hi Caro, oh no, hope you are all better now. Yes I didn’t know either, well I remember vaguely hearing about it when I was younger but no one I knew followed the rules. Still I quite like the arty photos!

      I’ve no home post this week as it was my birthday yesterday so haven’t written anything. Next week though! xx


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