What Photos to put on the Walls?

That has been on our to-do list since as long ago as when Tyler was born! In our little Brixton flat when Tyler was a baby, we had sooooo many photos, we couldn’t decide which ones to print. Fast forward 3 years to us living in our new-build apartment, where we’ve been living a year and a half and there are plain white walls galore. I think it really is time to choose what photos to print out!

I’ll show you what is on the walls so far. This is the first photo we had up in our Brixton flat. As soon as I saw the photo, I just knew it had to be on our wall. I remember that moment so clearly, as we walked out of the registry office when we had just got married, I looked at my husband smiling, thinking I can’t believe we did finally it, we’re married! I ordered the canvas from Canvasdesign, it was £30 for a 16″ x 20″ canvas plus £9 p&p (back in 2010). I have put this canvas on the wall in the hallway which is in between the two bedrooms and the kitchen/living room, basically you see it as you enter the flat and when you are going from room to room – so all the time!


This piece of art is from A Great Little Place, which I bought when we first moved into our new apartment in 2014. As we had left London, this was a reminder of our life before and all the lovely places in the city in an awesome typographic design. We love it! It’s in our bedroom and I love looking at it, seeing the places I took Tyler to when he was a baby. The print was about £20, and the frame I got from Ikea. The frame is really thin and light, with a clear plastic front rather than glass – which is great for the lightweight walls you get in new-build apartments.


This is something I painted for my husband when we first dated over a decade ago, I think it was for his birthday or Valentines Day. It’s been in his old bedroom in his mum’s house all this time. He decided he wanted it in our home, so we brought it with us and I recently framed it in an Ikea frame in our bedroom.


Now for the new bits. I bought this frame last month from B&M for £9.99. I love the simplicity of the black frame and think it looks good against white walls. I’m thinking to print our seaside holiday photos, as I think it would be nice when lying in bed to be reminded of the seaside.



And I also bought a wood colour multi-aperture frame from B&M for £8.99, which I think I’ll put in Tyler’s room, but I’ll still not sure which photos to put in. Decisions!


And the ‘family’ frame is one I upcycled last year but forgot about, so need to put some family photos in there. And maybe swap the photos over when the new baby comes 🙂

So now you’re up-to-date with my walls! I’ll update you when I’ve chosen the photos.

What do you put on your walls? Do let me know in the comments or on Facebook, I need some more inspiration!

Sabrina x

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23 responses to “What Photos to put on the Walls?

  1. I’m a photographer, and you’d think this would make it easy for me to fill my home with photos but nope! I can never decide, and i constantly put off ordering the prints! As a result i have frames everywhere with nothing in them! I specialise in reportage photography, so I try to keep all of the images around our house natural, unposed, so to show off who we really are. At least, that’s what I tell myself, the truth is even as an experienced photographer, getting all of my family looking at the camera and smiling at the same time is impossible! I love the typographic image and your painting, so personal! xx #bloggerclubUK


    • Glad it’s not just me 🙂 I think it’s worse when you take loads of photos, you want to print them all! I like the idea of natural shots, it’s more arty isn’t it. And you’re right, it is impossible to get everyone smiling at the same time, or someone always blinks! x


  2. I love that canvas! The London art is really cool too – I’ve got a big print of parrots up in the sitting room which was meant to be the start of a project to brighten up all our walls… Just over a year later and the parrots are still sat there on their own. 🙂 #HomeEtc


    • Thank you! I love the sound of the parrot print, anything tropical gets the thumbs up from me 😀 You could get loads of brightly coloured frames full of photos to go around it I reckon x


  3. I am always one to fill my walls, especially with photos as I love to the memories they give me as I walk past, in our current home we have not put them all up, I am not entirely sure why.
    I love that you have so many things that create memories, the canvas is lovely xx


    • That’s exactly what I like, to see all the happy memories around the home. It’s hard to decide where to put everything when you’ve moved home though, isn’t it! Thank you about the canvas, it’s one of my faves 🙂 x


  4. I’m terrible at this – I have loads of frames all ready, with photos chosen, ready to create a gallery wall. Except I can’t make my mind up exactly how to situate them, so they’ve stayed put on the floor for months now. Must rectify that!


  5. Aah I miss our first place when I think about having pics on the walls!! It had 12m high ceilings — and the rooms were absolutely huge! As a result, we were able to have loads and loads of pictures on the walls. The cottage we’re in now has low ceilings and not much empty wall space, so we have to be a bit more selective about what we want to display.

    LOVE the typographical map of London!!! But for someone who works with fonts, day in-day out, that’s not wholly surprising!! 😉 Thanks for linking up chick xx #HomeEtc


  6. Your Wedding photo is simply gorgeous, and look at you I had no idea you were also a talented artist. I love frames from Ikea they are great value and always look really stylish. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you next week x


  7. Choosing photos to frame is so hard, I done our photo wall about a year ago, and I still love it, but now I want some new additions, and its deciding between changing the photos or adding more, I can’t decide.


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