Top Newborn Babygros from Next SS16

You may have noticed I’ve started to have a little obsession with finding cute Next babygros from Choice Discount Store in Slough (at £3 each, how can I resist a bargain!)

I remember during the first 2 months of Tyler’s life, in those sleep-fugged days, he lived in babygros, cute colourful ones of course, but I couldn’t be bothered with tops and bottoms or dungarees or those all-in-ones you have to pull over his head – do you know how hard that is with a newborn?! Most of these were presents, which look really cute on the hanger, but are totally impractical and hard to get on a baby who can’t lift his head up yet. And the amount of leaks from nappies, I’d have to change his outfits constantly whilst being shattered.

That is why babygros or rompers with the poppers at the front is all I will be getting for Honey Nut for the first 2 months.

So I thought I’d have a look at what babygros Next have in the current SS16 range, and they have some oh-so-gorgeous designs in both the girls and boys section. Here’s my selection of top picks (with me hoping they’ll be on sale in Choice Discount Store by the time it’s June ;-))

Top Newborn Babygros from Next SS16

1) Bright Egg Print Sleepsuits Two Pack (0mths-2yrs) £12-£13
2) Cobalt Egg Print Sleepsuits Two Pack With Bib (0mths-2yrs) £14-15
3) Bunny Print Romper (0-18mths) £14
4) Three Pack Scribble Cat Sleepsuits (0mths-2yrs) £14-15
5) Green Safari All-Over Print Sleepsuits Three Pack (0mths-2yrs) £16-£17
6) Two Pack Milk Bottle Sleepsuits (0-2yrs) £12-£13
7) Pink All Over Print Sleepsuits Three Pack (0mths-2yrs) £16-£17

Cute or what?! I think my favourite is the Safari one because it has flamingoes on in. FLAMINGOES! And that’s from the boys section, which just goes to show, just because you’re having a girl, doesn’t mean you should only look in the girls section.

Do you remember how it was to dress a newborn? Which is your favourite babygro?

Sabrina x

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25 responses to “Top Newborn Babygros from Next SS16

  1. Look at the bunny one! I’ll definitely be getting one of these for my niece who is due any day now. I loved Next Babygros for our boys – they are really good quality and generously sized too. #MarvMondays


  2. I love the egg print babygros, they are so cute. However, I am a complete sucker for newborns in pure white, there’s something so angelic about them! xx #MarvMondays


  3. I love next sleepsuits always have done since my daughter was a baby! I love the milk bottle one #weekendtotstyle


  4. I’ve been ogling the milk ones… I also love the eggs! H-Bear has lots of stuff from the “girls” department – it really doesn’t matter 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xx


  5. I love ALL of these baby grows! I wish Joey had some of these when he was newborn, he’s 20 months old now. My favourite is the milk bottle one, it’s so simple yet stylish aswell. Joey was born in summer so he didn’t wear a lot of sleepsuits when he was born because it was really hot at the time. Next sleepsuits are always great though, maybe one day we’ll have a little girl that I can put in #3 or #4 #weekendtotstyle


    • Hehe, me too! That is a good point, my baby is due end of June so it will be hot. I’ll be using sleepsuits at night, as it does get chilly in our flat overnight, but I’m gonna have to look for some vesty type outfits for the daytime. More shopping, oh well! 😉 xx


  6. For me it would have to be the cobalt eggs or the milk bottles – and I’m with you all the way on babygros for babies – Pip was a babygros only baby for a good six months; he was born in August and just about wore an outfit for Christmas Day! So much easier with two big sisters running around!


    • Hehe, they are so cute aren’t they. Babygros are so much easier at that young age, and I can imagine with 2 other daughters, you needed an easier life! I know I’ll have to look after Tyler too, so anything to make life easier is a good thing! xx


  7. I love these, Next babygrows are so cute, plus they wash really well and their sizes are really generous. They were one of our go to stores the first time round and will be again this time. I love no1, 6 and 7 and in fact we already have a couple of these ourselves 😉 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


    • That is so true, they don’t fade! I have so many of Tyler’s still that I can keep for Honey Nut – luckily that are all bright colours. Ooh you’ve got some already, you couldn’t resist! I’m waiting for the Next sale this month, I love to get a bargain – hope these will be in there! xx


    • Haha, I do feel very lucky to have found this Choice store! Although I’m sure there’s a Next Sale coming up, hoping there’ll be some gros in there. Ahh I love rainbows, so colourful, and agree on the quality – the colour doesn’t fade in the wash which is great x


  8. Aw I miss the babygrow days! Next definitely were one of the best quality wise and I loved their prints and designs. I used to be gutted when Little I grew out of them. Great picks lovey! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you’ve had a had a great weekend! #weekendtotstyle


  9. I am totally with you on the babygrow thing – my youngest just turned 7 months and I still only get him dressed in ‘proper’ clothes if we’re going out! We’ve got some great babygrows from Next too – I think of these the milk one has to be my favourite. #FunkyKidFriday


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