Tyler’s Outfit of the Week #5

This week my favourite outfit of Tyler’s was this pastel-hued one – the top you’ll have seen before, but the joggers are new.


The joggers are actually from the girls section in Tesco, but I loved the colour and it was half price at £3.50! I just cut the glitter tie off from the waist and threaded some elastic through. Now I’d say it’s gender neutral.


We had an impromptu photo shoot as I was changing the bed sheets – quite an exhausting task when you’re pregnant! I had a break after I took the sheets off and lay on the bed. Tyler decided it was so exciting, he would go jumping crazy on the bed. Who knew, the simple things, eh?!


I love the light colours of this outfit combination. The joggers are age 4-5 which fit Tyler perfectly. There’s me thinking they would be too long – wrong. The boy is getting taller.


He had a little rest after jumping about too. And don’t worry, I did manage to get the fresh sheets on eventually!

Top | Debenhams | £8
Joggers | Tesco | £3.50
Socks | Asda | from my mum

Sabrina x

This Mama Life

12 responses to “Tyler’s Outfit of the Week #5

  1. Gorgeous little outfit! I love pastel colour ways so this outfit is adorable in my eyes! He looks super comfy too so that’s always a bonus. Loving the jumping on the bed photos. So much fun! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you’ve had a great weekend 🙂 #weekendtotstyle


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