Sewing Project #1 : London Bus Cushion

I got a sewing machine for my birthday from my parents and siblings. It’s a Brother AE2500 – I’m no sewing machine expert, but basically it’s PINK! Anyhoo, a month has passed since I got it, and it’s sitting on my brand new desk alongside my laptop. I don’t know why, but I’ve been so nervous to use it!

Well, this Sunday I decided this is the day, I am going to sew something. I set it all up, did a few practice patches and it was actually quite easy to use. So I decided it was time to make something out of the apron my husband got from the Debenhams January sale.

DSC03273 2

It was folded up in the packaging, so he thought it was a pack of teatowels. Wrong! It was an apron, and I just don’t wear aprons when baking. I thought either I could made a teatowel out of it or a cushion. I went with the cushion idea, as I love the typography print – a cushion would be a better way of seeing the print everyday.

I decided to keep the ‘London Bus’ pocket to go on the front of the cushion. Using an existing cushion cover as a template, I cut out the pieces.

DSC03274 2

Rather than have a zip fastening, I decided to have a flap to tuck in, like they have in pillowcases. After sewing the edges together, this is how it looks.


DSC03276 2


DSC03277 2


DSC03278 2

I am so pleased with it, it’s such a funky print and looks really cool on our sofa and in our bedroom.

DSC03275 2

I’ve now got the sewing bug and am thinking what to sew next! Have you got any ideas?

Sabrina x

Home Etc

16 responses to “Sewing Project #1 : London Bus Cushion

  1. It is catching, isn’t it? I go through phases of sewing at lot. I am no good at it as I have no patience for straight lines, etc. But I really enjoy it.
    Your cushion looks great. Feb idea to use a redundant apron for it. Funny enough, I made two or three aprons last year on my machine. I haven’t done much since though.


  2. What a cute idea. Love the result. I have yet to use my sewing machine (gift in Xmas 2012). I had basic knowledge from my mother and a couple classes. I do think that once you start it will be hard to stop. Have fun!


    • 2012! You’ve made me feel better about leaving it a month, thank you! I remember having classes at school, and now 20 years later I have a sewing machine at last 😀 X


  3. Now you’ve got the sewing bug there’ll be no stopping you. I have a brother machine (but sadly it’s not pink), they are a very reliable make. Your cushion is great, a very clever way to reuse your apron. Cushions are a great starting point. Maybe next you could do some bunting, it’s super easy and a great way to change a room #homeeetc


    • Good to know its a good make, there are so many machines to choose from, I had no clue what to go for so my mum chose this one. Bunting – that’s a good idea, thank you! X


  4. Oh this is a really fab make Sabrina! I’m sewing mad – I came fairly late to sewing in my late twenties, but have enjoyed making all sorts from a reversible changing/play mat for my son, cushions, a dress and even a pair of knickers! I love it. I’ve now started doing free motion embroidery pictures too, which I just love. Good luck with all your future sewing endeavours! Lucy x #HomeEtc


    • Thank you! Wow you’ve given me loads of ideas there, brilliant, think I might pass on the knickers haha 😉 Free motion embroidery, that sounds very advanced, I have loads to learn. Can’t wait to buy loads of cool fabrics now xx


  5. Well done you (and I love this print, I bought the oven gloves set in it and got them for my brother-in-law as well for Christmas!) I’d love to get started on some sewing projects, I imagine it’s probably quite therapeutic Xx #HomeEtc


  6. Aaah it looks AWESOME!! Funnily enough, I did the same thing with some actual tea towels that I bought from Primani last year! They were the most amazing print — too nice to be tea towels — and look fantastic in Dolly the caravan! 🙂 #HomeEtc


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