Our first Bigjigs Assignment

PR PRODUCT | Trains, trains, trains – that is all my boy Tyler thinks about, dreams about, talks about – he is totally obsessed. You have probably gathered that from all our photos! So when there was a chance to apply to be a Bigjigs Toy Reviewer at the end of last year, I HAD to apply. And amazingly we got chosen to be a Bigjigs vlogger. Hurray!

We are going to be ambassadors for 6 months, from February to July, and at the end of last month we got our Play Patrol pack, which had this cute little canvas bag that had a Bigjigs photo prop and a Toy Reviewer T-Shirt for Tyler in his size, age 3-4 – so so cute!

DSC03280 2

Our first assignment was to review the Bigjigs Dinosaur Train Set – which I was so excited to get! I hid the box under my bed until I was ready to review, otherwise Tyler would have wanted to open it there and then.

I somehow had to get him to wear his Toy Reviewer T-Shirt – no easy feat, this boy is super fussy about what clothes he wears. He was like, ‘Nooooo’ and hiding in the corner of the living room. Aargh! So I showed him the box and said look, do you want to open this new toy? Of course he said yes, so I said we could only open it if he wore the T-Shirt. And that’s how I got it on him, and doesn’t he look so cute in it!?!


I set it up on our table at first, and then moved it on to our floor to join up with the rest of our tracks. That’s when I realised – doh! I’d have to separate out all our Bigjigs toys from the Brio and Lidl-branded trains and accessories! They didn’t say I had to, but I felt it would be a rude to have other brands in the video when I’m reviewing their product. I suppose it’s only because I used to work for Barbie years ago – so imagine a Barbie review with a Bratz doll in the background. Noooo!

Anyway, Tyler was not happy about me moving the Brio stuff out of the way, but somehow I managed to make him understand that it was just for the video. I mean in reality, kids will mix brands up, and that’s what so great about toys, how kids make all their toys interact with each other.

The video was really fun to make, although I had to do a few takes when I realised I was waffling or forgot what I was going to say! Here is it – do have a watch, Tyler is the perfect toy demonstrator in the video:

All the reviews from the other Play Patrollers are in the Bigjigs blog post, so if you want to see the others, have a look here.

Our next assignment should be live at the end of the month, so keep an eye out for it!

Sabrina x



4 responses to “Our first Bigjigs Assignment

  1. My little boy loves trains and dinosaurs, so this is the perfect mix for him, and with a birthday around the corner may have to consider this!


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