Maternity Style #3 | TopShop

We are very lucky to have a TopShop Clearance store on my local High Street in Slough. As far as I know, there are only 2 in the country, the other being in Edgware in North London (unless I’m wrong, if you know of any other store, let me know!)

Anyway, from the outside it looks like TopShop’s most unloved branch, with peeling paint on the worn-out window panes. But inside you’ll find rails and rails of past-season stock – dresses, trousers, tops, shoes, shirts, jewellery, tights, as well as menswear. All the stock is reduced so you’ll definitely find a bargain in there.


Now I must admit, being 37 years old, I stopped shopping in TopShop 7 years ago, as I felt a bit mutton-dressed-as-lamb! But a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a maternity rail as I was walking past. I HAD to have a look! They had mostly black maternity dresses and tops, some skinny jeans – and then I spotted this gorgeous pink floral maternity dress in Size 14. It was marked at £25, down from £46 full price. To me £25 was still a bit much, so I was umming and ahhing for ages, much to Tyler’s annoyance, “Come oooooon Mummy!”

I took it to the till, and to my joy it scanned at £15 – bargain! I was so happy, but asked if I could return it if it didn’t fit me, as I hadn’t tried it on. The girl said that was no problem, they had a 28 day guarantee like in other TopShop stores. Luckily it did fit perfectly.


I like the high round neck and the fit around the bust, the waist being above the bump, with the skirt floating nicely around my knees. I also like the fact that it’s not sleeveless and has little sleeves – I feel like my upper arms are a bit bigger during pregnancy, and I like them covered up! There is a tie to tie up around the back, so I can loosen as the months go by. The fabric is nice and light – 100% viscose.

That’s right, viscose. I had no idea that viscose shrinks in the wash! I put it in a normal 40 degree wash, and it came out all hard and shrunken! The label said 40 degree wash was fine. I was devastated! Luckily I was able to fix the disaster with a little help from google. I put the dress in a bowl of warm water and hair conditioner, left it for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed it, and my husband then held one end, I held the other, and we pulled the dress in all directions! Tyler was shouting in the background, thinking my husband was ruining my dress ‘Dada, leave Mummy’s dress!!!’ It was quite a funny sight.

Anyway, we got the dress back to how it should be, thank god! And these photos are taken AFTER the shrinking disaster, so you can see how it fits well again. If you ever have a viscose shrinking disaster, this is the post I read to solve the problem:
How to Unshrink Your Clothes


I’m going to have to hand wash this dress in future. Or just use Febreze 😉 I just need it to last until the end of June. As you can see above, the print is really girly and floral, and has a floaty fit.

I’m afraid if you want to buy something similar, TopShop’s current maternity range only features plain coloured or checked shirt dresses.


But hopefully they’ll have a new range coming out for the summer. Or you can find TopShop past season maternity dresses for sale on eBay, new with/without tags, that’s always worth a check.


I hope you found this post useful, and remember if you have a viscose dress, don’t wash it in the washing machine!

Sabrina x



21 responses to “Maternity Style #3 | TopShop

  1. I did not know that about viscose… Thanks for the tip!

    Yes, it’s definitely brilliant to have the discount Topshop on our high street… Long may it stay, instead of ANOTHER ‘knick knack’ shop (as me and my sis call it – one of those random shops that open, sell all kinds of knick knacks, and then has a closing down sale – then it closes! Grrrrr, hate those).

    Shame we no longer have the discount Accessorize store 😢 Got many a lovely bargain from there.


    • Me neither – now I’ll always check the label! Oh yes I hope it stays, I too dislike those random shops, they are so ugly! And I miss that Accessorize store, it closed quite soon after we moved here 😦 Oh well, at least we have our lovely TK Maxx! xx


    • Hehe, yes almost summer (please god, I am sick of wearing my winter coat!) I always feel Top Shop clothes suit girls in their 20s, but I’m happy with my bargain find! x


  2. I never knew that about viscose – or about Topshop outlets, as my mother-in-law lives near Edgware! I did love Topshop’s maternity range when I was pregnant though.


    • Yes what a shock about the viscose – I’ll alway check the label now. Ooh awesome, I guess you’ll be visiting your mother-in-law soon! 😉 xx


    • Yes it’s great, make me feel fashionable again wearing a TopShop dress! I spent practically the whole of my twenties in that Oxford St flagship store, and I totally forgot they had that little baby range! Thank you for reminding me, I just had a google and it looks like they’re relaunching their ‘mini’ range this season! I think I’m going to have to write a blog post about this! xx


  3. I didn’t realise there was a TopShop outlet in Slough – will have to check it out! Love that dress and glad you managed to rescue it after the viscose-wash disaster 🙂


    • Yes, it’s at the entrance to the Observatory, opposite BHS – definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area! I’m so glad I rescued the dress too, I could not believe that happened! Xx


  4. You look lovely. The dress is very cute and perfect for sporting. I like that checked one you’ve got featured as well. I too haven’t shopped in topshop for years either x


    • Thank you 🙂 Yes the checked one is really nice, I like the monochrome colours too! It is strange shopping in TopShop again after all these years! Xx


  5. You look absolutely fab!! I lived in TopShop maternity wear when I was pregnant, but also loved just simply wearing clothes a couple of sizes larger than my usual to fit my bump. Got them all saved ready for number two 😉


    • Thank you! That’s a good idea to save your clothes for baby no 2, as long as you’re the same dress size. I saved maternity clothes from my first pregnancy but I was a size 10 then and they don’t fit now – doh! Xx

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  6. Im at the stage where I am trying to stretch out the clothes I have and not buy another more! But this dress is really pretty I love the dog rose print and you look fab :). I had no idea Topshop had an outlet!! 🙂 x


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