Get rid of those minging coasters!

I don’t know why we’ve held on to them so long – those coasters on our coffee table with the worn off edges, cup marks that don’t wipe off, stickers stuck on, sticky bottoms, faded prints – why were we still using them?!


I guess there’s a little sentiment with the retro ones, as we got them on our second wedding anniversary holiday from BHS in Cambridge, on the way back home from our Norfolk coast roadtrip.

So I hadn’t planned to replace them.

Then yesterday after Tyler and I had a milk and cappuccino in the Costa inside our local Debenhams, i couldn’t resist having a look at the half price sale, and we went up to the Home department. Right at the back was a wall of clearance items, and a table of toys. So Tyler occupied himself playing with the toys, and I had a good rummage. They had a whole shelf of coasters on sale, all the trendy designs from 2014. I narrowed it down to six designs I liked before whittling it down to 2 Ben de Lisi ones, at over 70% off!!

These Ben de Lisi retro coasters were £8 originally, and I got them for £1.60!


And these Ben de Lisi Tea Slogan coasters were also £8 originally, and I got them for £2.40!


Sure the packaging was battered, barcodes and labels faded, but inside the packaging the coasters were brand new, in perfect condition. And they are good quality coasters – ones that will last and can be wiped clean over and over. Tyler loves choosing which colour coaster to put his glass of milk on. So far his favourites are the yellow telephone one and the blue radio one.

I also got a glass worktop saver, that Ben de Lisi houses design that I love. It was £12 originally and I got it for £3.60!


I’m not sure what you do with a worktop saver, but I love it!

Don’t you love getting an unexpected bargain?! I’m so glad we have a Debenhams on our high street 😀

Sabrina x

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15 responses to “Get rid of those minging coasters!

  1. Absolutely love your coasters! Might just look to see if we need anything, and then pop into Debenhams… 😏


  2. What amazing amazing bargains, well done you!! And I LOVE worktop savers, I’ve got two Joseph Joseph ones. They’re great for things like putting hot pans on X #HomeEtc


    • Thank you, I am well chuffed with these bargains! Wow TWO worktop savers 😀 I thought they were for putting hot pans on, but the packaging label says not to – so I thought what is it for then?! It looks pretty anyway! xx


  3. Such fabulous bargains!! Love the coasters — and I LOVE the pattern of the worktop saver even though I’m not keep on glass chopping boards!!! I can’t bear the noise of a knife on glass!! Sets my teeth on edge!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with us 🙂 #HomeEtc


  4. What an absolute bargain! They are gorgeous too. I love the retro coasters (I now want to go have a look online!) They all go really well with your kitchen colours too. Thanks for linking up #bloggerhomes xx


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