My baby is turning 4 this week!

How is this possible?! That my little baby boy will be 4 this Sunday – how has 4 years just flown by like that?! I must admit, I’m feeling a little emotional, maybe its the pregnancy hormones, or maybe I genuinely don’t want my baby to grow up!

4 does sounds grown up doesn’t it, definitely not a toddler any more. “I have a 4-year-old son” – ahh it makes me sound like I should know what I’m doing as a mother now. NOT! And the boy is starting Reception this September, the start of our new life, school runs, rushed breakfasts in the morning, school uniforms and all that palava. I have been dreading this yet weirdly planning for this for the past 4 years and now the time is coming – freaking out!

Anyway, we still have 4 more months of freedom left, kind of, as I’m on maternity leave at the end of this week (another life-changing thing – goodbye commuting and working in London) – so yeah I’ll have a newborn, but we’ve got this time together now. Here’s a little photo montage of Tyler’s past 4 years:


Aw my boy. The same over the years, just taller! Another thought just came to me, we’ve been living in Slough half his life now! That Age 2 photo is from when we just moved in exactly 2 years ago, with just bean bags to sit on. Wow, time really flies.

This past year of Tyler being 3 has been interesting. His love of trains has really developed into being an expert at naming train types and all sorts of vehicles I didn’t even know existed. This has been a year of watching train videos on YouTube, and half a year of watching the Minions and Despicable Me films non-stop – that seems to have fizzled out thank god! But I think turning 4 is going to be a good thing, as just this week he was interested in watching OTHER things on TV, a miracle. He watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Cars, Big Hero 6, and even watches Masterchef with us, really interested. I must say, I am really happy that we can watch normal things now!

He can have conversations now, which has been lovely to see develop over the year. This week’s sentences have included:

After getting his haircut (still a traumatic experience!) “Mummy, your hair is long, you need to get a haircut”

On arriving at Windsor on the train “WE’RE IN WINDSOR!”

He seems to dislike my singing, and comes up with reasons for me not to sing:
“Shush mummy. Daddy’s in the shower”
“Shush mummy. Daddy’s getting changed”
“Shush mummy. It’s night time!”

It even extends to his Nana singing:
“Shush Nana. Grandpa’s watching TV”

He likes to correct us when it comes to trains and the like:

Me: “Look at that train”
T: “That’s a High Speed Train”

Me: “Look, a bus!”
T: “That’s a double-decker bus”

After I had my shower this evening, as I was all achy: “Are you feeling better now mummy? Are you not feeling well?”in the most gentlest voice.

So I suppose I shouldn’t be sad that he’s turning 4. He gets funnier everyday, and he’s still my baby, asking me to cuddle him or asking to sit on my lap every day. It’s just a number right? He’s still my funny baby boy.


Sabrina x


18 responses to “My baby is turning 4 this week!

    • Ahh thank you! You’re in the same boat as me then – starting school! It feels like it’s come too soon, I wish we could have a nice long summer like the old days – wah! xx


    • Yes, I feel like I’ve just blinked and he’s 4! Still, it is nice to be able to have a conversation with him, age 4 should be a fun year! xx


  1. Oh, look at those 2 week old baby eyes!! They are beautiful! 4 does sound really grown up as they start school at this age… O is turning 5 in August and since starting school has grown into a proper big (but still little) boy. Happy birthday to you T x


    • I know, his eyes were mesmerising at so young an age! Aw 5, he must be the baby of his year! I don’t know how my little is going to cope, I feel like he’s still a baby! xx


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