Tyler’s Birthday Boy Outfits – Age 4

As it was Tyler’s 4th birthday, we had to get him loads of new outfits – well T-Shirts. Can’t be wearing the same tops as last year! Luckily I had giftcard money from my mother-in-law and my parents to spend, hehe. And the cutest thing is that Tyler actually chose the Next T-shirts himself – we went round the store and he was going ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when we pointed to the tees. His absolute favourite was the Star T-shirt (No.2) with the zipped mouth and tongue sticking out – hours of fun!


1) Debenhams Ted Baker Submarine T-Shirt | 12mths to 6 years | £12 – £16
2) Next Green Star with Tongue T-Shirt | 3mths to Age 6 | £6
3) Next Minions Mayhem T-Shirt | Age 3 to Age 12 | £12 – £15
4) Next Blue Curved Back Hem T-Shirt | Age 3 to Age 16 | £7 – £8
5) Mothercare Little Bird by Jools Lighthouse T-Shirt | 9mths  to Age 7-8 | £7 – £8
6) Mothercare Beach Sublimation T-Shirt | 3mths  to Age 4-5 | £5 – £6

And here is the boy wearing four of them on his birthday week:

Tuesday – Train Trip to Windsor

Tyler liked this T-Shirt from Next because it has campervans, ice cream and a hot dogs on it. He also thinks the surfboards are bananas. It’s a funny one, as it’s very long at the back so it looks like a dress on him. Must be fashion eh?!

Saturday – Ickenham Miniature Railway

I chose this Ted Baker T-Shirt because it has a submarine on it. And he loves it. It has little windows on the front of the submarine which he is constantly lifting up and looking at the pictures underneath. I like how the design flows around the back, with little fishies in the water. Pricier than most T-Shirts, but worth it as it is so so soft!

Sunday – Tyler’s Birthday! Picnic at Northalla Park

Tyler’s fave because you can zip the stars mouth open and shut, and tuck in or pull out it’s tongue! I like the goofy looking eyes and the bright colours, and £6 is good value for money from Next. The zip was also handy for clipping on Tyler’s birthday badge – gone are the days on badges with pins.

Monday – Legoland 😀

I chose this Little Bird T-shirt as it has a lighthouse on it, and Tyler loves it because it reminds him of that Peppa Pig episode where Grampy Rabbit is sleeping in the lighthouse. He kept pointing to his T-Shirt saying Grampy Rabbit is in there!

Plus, major news – we managed to get Tyler to wear some new shoes on Legoland day, a miracle! They are Sketchers trainers from TK Maxx that we got for £16.99.

What do you think of Tyler’s choices, cute eh?!

Sabrina x

This Mama LifeFKF


28 responses to “Tyler’s Birthday Boy Outfits – Age 4

    • Yeah he chose which ones to wear each day, he must be feeling grown up now! It is fun birthday clothes shopping, like starting a new year! X


  1. Great post, I am obsessed with buying cool tshirts for Elliot!! Think I might have to have a look in Next, I bet E would love the zipper one! xx


  2. Oh bless him! I only have one boy to dress (and 3 girls) and have to say I struggle because all he can really have is t shirts and shirts. So when we do go clothes shopping for him I try and choose as many different and colourful things as possible. He’s into minecraft these days and its just not the same!! xx


  3. Looks like Tyler had the most amazing birthday week! I like to celebrate mine for as long as possible too 🙂 Loving all the t-shirt picks. Lovely and bright, with some great prints. He really suits a print doesn’t he! Thanks so much for linking up with us, hope you had a great weekend 🙂 #weekendtotstyle


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