Maternity Leave – Week 2

My second week of Maternity Leave is over, and I must admit I am starting to miss work a little bit now – it’s a strange in limbo bit now, where I’m not so busy as baby is not here yet, but have lots of time to just relax, especially as I’m at my parents Weds – Fridays, so that helps with looking after Tyler. I thought I would be blogging more, but I’ve been preferring doing nothing! I know things will be completely different once Honey Nut is here, so I’m enjoying being able to sleep lots for now…

Here’s what I got up to in my second week of maternity leave:


Day 8, Weds 17th – the day I drove to Bracknell and test drove a Toyota Yaris by myself to Slough to see if it would fit in my parking space. I was so nervous driving it, as I’m so used to my mini, it was like being a learner driver again! Anyway, it fit in the space fine, and driving it back to Bracknell I was much more confident so I just needed to get used to it. So I think I will be buying one, I’ve asked if they can find a used one in Chilli Red, as I’m not paying for a brand new car – too expensive! That day Tyler and I stayed over at my parents and had a sleepover with my sister in her room – Tyler was sooooo excited to have a sleepover.


Day 9, Thurs 18th – I went into Uxbridge while Tyler was in preschool and bought some PJs for myself and a hoodie for Tyler from Peacocks. It was nice to wander around the shops from my hometown on my own, though a little strange as though I’d gone back in time to the times before I was married!


Day 10, Fri 20th – a terrible grey day ugh. We spent the afternoon doing our vlog for BigJigs as we are ambassadors. The toy we were putting together were gigi Big Building Blocks – I had to put together 60 boxes, and then Tyler had the best time building things with them. I then had an evening catching up on America’s Next Top Model.


Day 11, Sat 21st – Tyler had his Little Kickers class in the morning, which he LOVES! My husband and I both take him, and it’s nice to be a family together. We then had a coffee break in Harris + Hoole, before a Tesco shop, and then we all chilled out at home. I watched Trainwreck on Sky Movies – it really is a trainwreck to watch.


Day 12, Sun 22nd – I had a hospital tour in the morning to look at the labour ward and birthing centre, and I’ll talk about that more in my next pregnancy update. Afterwards, I went into town with my husband and Tyler, just to go for a walk and wander around the shops. I did get a bit tired walking, so we stopped off for some cold drinks in Costa. I gave Tyler a few sips of my Mint Choc Chip cooler and he went hyper nuts, we’d never seen him behave so naughty. Note to self – never let your kid sip your drinks! I got him milk after, much more sensible.


Day 13, Mon 23rd – Tyler wanted to go to  ‘slide playgroup’ which is the softplay. Unfortunately our usual softplay Activus is now only open Fridays- Sunday, so I thought I’d take him to the softplay at Absolute Bowling which is exactly the same. First we went to the library and Tyler spent ages in there with me reading books. Then we went to the soft play, and luckily it was open as it is closed from the 24th – 29th for refurbishment! Anyhoo, I got a decaf Starbucks latte to sit with and watched Tyler have the best time playing. He really loved it. Then we went into Burgerking on the High Street for lunch – I don’t do this all the time, don’t worry!


Day 14, Tues 24th – It was a sunny day so I decided to take Tyler on a train adventure while I still can. I chose Newbury as I fancied having a picnic lunch by the canal. It was so worth it, as it’s very picturesque there. I then took Tyler to the playground in Victoria Park, which he loved, before we headed back to the train station via the shops. When we got home Tyler said, “I really liked going on the trains!” – I love seeing him happy 🙂 I wrote more about what you can do at Newbury here if you’re ever in the area.

5 weeks to go now!

Sabrina x


16 responses to “Maternity Leave – Week 2

  1. Too funny about how he responded to your drink! I recently found out that my four year old cannot eat jelly beans without going insane and literally running throughout the house like a madman. lol


  2. Sounds like you’re making the most of being a mum of one and giving him as much time as you can, lovely xxx


    • Really, that is so good to know your mam had it for years! I’m picking it up on Sat and saying bye to my mini on the same day. Haha, and you’re right, anything will feel bigger compared to a mini! x


  3. Ooh you’ve done a lot this week haven’t you? I hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and I’ve heard the Yaris’ are fabulous cars so that’s good as well X X


    • Hehe, just keeping busy, or else I’d be really bored! That’s good to hear about the Yaris, we’re picking it up on Sat, so excited! xx


    • Oh definitely, I am so nervous of what it’s going to be like when there are two, but I can’t only wait and see! Excited about the car though 🙂 xx


  4. Sounds like a nice, relaxing week. Enjoy those last few moments with your little man before baby arrive and makes you a family of four. Exciting times!


  5. You had a very busy week. I think it’s fab that you’ve logged what you’ve done during your maternity leave before the big day. I can’t remember what I did!!!

    Laura x


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