Does your child talk to your bump?

You may remember from the early days of my pregnancy, Tyler was really not happy about having a brother or sister, which I wrote all about here. Things changed once he had met my friend’s baby so he could see what a little sibling would be like, and as my bump grew bigger and bigger, I think it finally made sense in Tyler’s head that there is actually a baby in there!

We call the bump ‘Honey Nut’ which actually came from Tyler. My husband and I were calling her ‘Cashew Nut’ as Tyler was ‘Peanut’ – so one day when my husband was talking to bump, he said ‘Hey Cashew Nut’ and Tyler came over to the bump and said ‘Hey Honey Nut!’ We were like, ooh I like Honey Nut better, it sounded so sweet. This was before we knew she was a girl, so maybe Tyler just knew! Or more likely, it just from his favourite cereal Honey Loops 😛


What Tyler says to the bump

Tyler does talk to the bump now, well tell her off actually. Whenever I burp (which is quite often, damn you indigestion!), he thinks it’s Honey Nut burping and he’ll run over to pat my bump and say ‘Silly Honey Nut!’

Often Honey Nut is kicking me all over the place, making me go ‘Oof!’ which Tyler finds amusing. I said to him it’s because Honey Nut is spinning round and round in my tummy. So quite a few times, Tyler just looks at my bump laughing, going ‘Honey Nut’s spinning round and round’, finding it ever so hilarious.

Tyler likes to make any excuse to stop me singing. I like singing along to the radio, but it does annoy him. One of his excuses was ‘Shush mummy! Honey Nut’s in there!’

What other children say to bumps

Here are some more funny things children say to bumps, from a survey conducted by Sudocrem for their ‘Talk to the Bump’ campaign:

1. Do you have your own fridge and TV in there?

2. Doctor can put his hand down mummy’s mouth and pull you out.

3. When you’re borned you can go and live with Nana ok?

4. Don’t kick Mummy tonight, she has to get her beauty sleep.

5. I can hear you farting!

6. I can’t believe it, Mam’s only gone and ate you!

7. Even though you’re a boy, I won’t pinch you when you’re here.

8. Go away back to your home!

They are so funny, and it’s reassuring to see that it’s not only Tyler who wasn’t happy about having a sibling!

Do you have any similar experiences with your children? What did they say?

Sabrina x

This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own as always.


20 responses to “Does your child talk to your bump?

  1. It is so sweet, my son use to sign Twinkle Twinkle to my belly button (microphone!) EVERY night to my twin bump. When they were born he would sing it to them again and they would listen and watch him. So cute!


    • Aw that is sooo cute, and he thought your belly button was a microphone! I guess that does make sense hehe 🙂 I hope my boy will sing to his sister, he’s always singing random songs! xx


  2. Well if I had a bump I’d find out but I talked to mine when i had one 🙂 Nice post Angela from Daysinbed


  3. omg how sweet… honey nut is such a cute name.. and whats even more special is that her big brother thought of it!! ah im sure they are going to be great pals,,, so funny that Tyler gives out to her about burping x


  4. Aw how funny! I love that he uses Honey Nut as an excuse to stop you singing – I can imagine my kids doing that! I’m sure my eldest would have come out with some hilarious things to say to bump, but sadly she was too young – only 15 months when little one born. Great that Tyler is feeling happier about the baby (even if she should stop burping!) (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)


    • Haha, yes he hates me singing! Which makes me wonder if he wanted me to stop when he was a baby but couldn’t talk yet! I’m sure your eldest was thinking things about your bump but couldn’t say! X


  5. Awww Honey Nut is so cute!! I love the other things people have said to bumps too. I hope that Tyler is excited about meeting your new little one and that you are well! x


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