Maternity Leave – Week 3

My third week of maternity leave is over – can you believe it?! This week has been taken over by me saying goodbye to my beloved Mini of 9 and 1/2 years and finally buying my shiny red Toyota Yaris, ready for my future family of 4, which could happen very soon as it’s now June – eek! Here’s what I did in Week 3:


Day 15, Weds 25th May – I got my beautiful Tiffany Rose maternity dress in the post, for my baby shower. I went to the Breech Clinic that morning at Wexham Park Hospital, and they confirmed that Honey Nut is indeed head down – wooh! I then drove to the Toyota showroom in Bracknell as my car had arrived, so I went to take a look at it and test it out. It was lovely so I put down a £500 deposit then and booked in to pick it up on Saturday – very exciting!


Day 16, Thurs 26th – a chill out day at my parents. After Tyler came back from preschool, we played Hama beads and made a dolphin and seahorse. He really loved making this.


Day 17, Fri 27th – I did a proper clearout of my bedroom at my parents house and then built Honey Nut’s cot, so it’s ready whenever I stayover there after she is born. Tyler was so excited, he really understands it’s Honey Nut’s bed! It was also my last full day with PJ, my Mini – wah!


Day 18, Sat 28th – I drove my Mini, PJ, for his last errand – taking Tyler to his Little Kickers class. Tyler has really improved so much in 6 weeks, he’s so confident and listening to instructions in class – a complete difference from his first day! Then we had a coffee in Harris + Hoole before driving to We Buy Any Car in Bracknell to sell him. I vlogged about it, so you can see the full story soon, but I was so emotional and sad! We got a taxi to the Toyota place, carrying Tyler’s car seat, and drove away with my new red Toyota Yaris. I was very overwhelmed and nervous about driving it that I forgot to take a picture!


Day 19, Sun 29th – Drove my new car on its first errand and we went to Lombardy Retail Park in Hayes to go to that humungous amazing Next store – if you haven’t been, you must make a visit, it’s AMAZING, like the whole range is in this store. My mother-in-law met us there and we all had a drink in the Costa inside Next – something we never do, so I had to take a picture! Also we finally took a picture of my new car in my mother-in-law’s driveway, when Tyler burped which is why we were laughing.


Day 20, Mon 30th – It was Bank Holiday Monday and we did nothing! I put laundry away, tidied up, just a housework day, wrote a blog post and finished off filming my Weekend Vlog, with me making some spinach and feta muffins.


Day 21, Tues 31st – the last day of May and I had my 36 week Midwife Appointment followed by a Health Visitor coming round to do a home visit, as they do antenatal visits in this borough. I then got ready for my Baby Shower in the evening. It was at Dim T with beautiful views of Tower Bridge and I gave it a tropical theme rather than the traditional pink. It was so much fun and lovely to be out in London so late at night – probably for the last time for a while now! I’ll write a proper blog post about it soon.

I have under 4 weeks to the due date now (June 25th) – but she may come early or late, I have no idea. It’s literally a waiting game now, but I’m keeping busy which is making the time go fast. Next I have to set up Honey Nut’s cot in our bedroom, buy the essentials for my hospital bag and pack it, and wash Honey Nut clothes. She’s really coming soon!

Sabrina x


22 responses to “Maternity Leave – Week 3

  1. Love the new car!! I felt sad when I sold my cleo after my second child. Hubby thought I was mad! Sounds like your really nesting and so ready for honey nut to arrive. How exciting!!


    • I love the car now too! Lol I think I was mad, I actually cried that night after I sold my mini! But yeah bigger car means we are ready for honey nut! X


  2. My first daughter was born 7 weeks early and for my second I was advised to go on maternity leave early. I had 9 weeks of sitting about doing nothing. Napping in the day when my first was at nursery. It was so boring. Im glad to see you doing bits and bobs.


    • 7 weeks early – eek! Even though I’ve gone on mat leave early, it’s been whizzing by for me and I still have loads to do – the hospital bag being one of them! x


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