Maternity Leave – Week 4

This week was half term so it was a nice week to hang out with Tyler and just do fun stuff. I also got a bit of my nesting done, and by the weekend Honey Nut had become full-term. So although there’s still 3 weeks till her due date, she could still come at any time!


Day 22, Weds 1st June – my husband was off to Barcelona with work today for nearly a week, so Tyler and I met him for a last lunch before he flew off. That evening, it was just me and the boy in the flat and we stayed up late, like it was a slumber party hee hee.

Day 23, Thurs 2nd – a big day for Tyler, I took him for a trip to the other side of London so he could ride the cable car and DLR trains – he was soooo happy! We then met up with my besties at Cafe Nero in Canary Wharf. And it was amazingly quiet on the tubes and in the shopping centre, I guess because it was half term, lots of people must have been off work and on holidays. We chilled out there for nearly 3 hours! Here’s a shot with my bump buddy – 36 wks vs 33 wks!


Tyler could not stop talking about the cable car and DLR – which he called the ‘Driverless Train’ all evening and when he woke the next day. It must have been his dream come true hehe. I’ll write up a proper blog post about it, as it’s a perfect day out if you’ve got a train-mad child. The cable car costs only £3.50 if you use your Oyster Card, and under 5s are free.


Day 24, Fri 3rd – After yesterday’s big day out, we both needed a chillout day, so we did nothing but play with toys and watch TV. In the late afternoon I changed around our bedroom a bit and built the space-saver cot ready, which was Tyler’s old one. I had a little panic when I couldn’t find some bolts and screws, but I found some spare ones in my toolbox. Tyler found it all very fun and he likes the new layout. He’s really excited for Honey Nut to come and sleep in her bed!


Day 25, Sat 4th – I took Tyler to his Little Kickers class in the morning, and then we headed to my parents, planning to go to the Ickenham Miniature Railway. But it was such a grey day, even Tyler wasn’t in the mood for it. So we went shopping instead with his Unc Zu and Aunty Brat. First we went to B&M to buy a bench for my mother-in-law as part of a garden makeover project I’m doing with Ocean Finance (blog post coming soon!), and then we went to Uxbridge as my siblings are going to Barcelona and they wanted to do some holiday shopping. Above is us in New Look where my sister was looking for a backpack. She eventually found a cute polka dot one in TK Maxx.


Day 26, Sun 5th – we had stayed over at my parents and did nothing all day. It was really hot outside, like burning hot, so we stayed indoors and played with toys. Then as the sun was a bit cooler in the evening, we went out into the garden and Tyler decided to water the flowers. We just saw him coming and going out of the kitchen with this jug of water!


Day 27, Mon 6th – I had planned to go home, but we stayed over at my parents again. I had been planning to go to Ikea for ages, so I asked my mum if she minded watching Tyler so I could have a quick look. I mean when baby is here, I can’t just ‘pop’ to Ikea, so I’m trying to do as many of the things I can’t ‘just’ do in a few weeks. I drove to the Wembley branch which is about a 25 minute drive from my parents and bought lots of photo frames and bits and bobs for the kitchen. And I got some frozen food from the little food bit by the tills. My husband was due back home today, so I had to have something ready for dinner. So here we have Swedish veggie meatballs, with potato and chicken hash and salad – an Ikea dinner!


Day 28, Tues 7th – Today I sorted out Honey Nut’s clothes into size order, and washed the newborn and up to 1 month sized clothes. I LOVED doing this, everything is so so cute, and it’s nice having a mix of new and Tyler’s baby clothes. Sheets and blankets were washed and dried last night, so yeah we’re ready for her now!

Next I have to pack my hospital bag, and decorate Honey Nut’s corner of our room. And then maybe I’ll start eating lots of pineapples and hot hot food 😉

Sabrina x


4 responses to “Maternity Leave – Week 4

  1. Aww such a lovely week! I love the idea of capturing what you’ve been up to on maternity leave. Such a great idea and suddenly feeling quite inspired to do something similar if I can find time to in the next few days/weeks before baby arrives. We finally went on our little tram and bus ride today and it made me think of you as I know Tyler wants to go on a tram too 😉 Emily


    • Ahh thank you, I just want to look back and remember it as I know it will all be a blur once baby’s here! Ahhh bet she had a great time! I took Tyler on the tram on Thursday as his preschool was randomly closed that day. Oh my god, he was so so happy, I think I made his dreams come true haha! Xx


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