Getting ready for Baby No. 2

With just 2 weeks to go until the due date, I’ve done a massive Boots shop for all the mummy and baby essentials that I could think of.



For mum:
– Stretch Mark Oil
– Maternity Pads
– Breast Pads
– Lanisoh (I trust only this brand, as it’s 100% lanolin)
– Body Lotion
– Face Cream

For baby: 
– Infacol
– Gripe Water
– Snuffle Babes Vapour Rub
– Saline nasal spray
– Nasal Aspirator
– Nasal Decongester
– Dentinox teething gel
– Johnsons ‘first touch’ baby lotion, shampoo and wash (they are on clearance at 63p!)

I got lots of cold stuff because Tyler got a cold when he was one day old and we had a panic as we had nothing to soothe him! He had a bogey up his nose but his nostrils were so tiny that a cotton bud was bigger than his nostril. Ganesh used a Bic pen lid to get it out! What I now have at home is the Calpol Vapour Plug which was a lifesaver, really helped him breathe through a cold.


For the hospital:

From Tesco we got food and drink supplies for labour and after the baby is born – basically sugary drinks for energy and quick snacks as there’s no time to eat!

– Lucozade
– Ribena with a straw (the straw was essential as I made G give my sips when I was in labour with Tyler!)
– Nutrigrain bars

I also got:
– Black pants (don’t want to ruin my nice pants!)
– Tea Tree Oil (a few drops on panty liners after birth soothes if you have stitches)

I ordered past-season Mothercare Sleep Bras from eBay (new ones), as they are the ones I wore first time round, so so comfy. I wish I had bought them at the beginning of my pregnancy – duh me!


I kept practically everything from when Tyler was a baby at my parent’s house. So it was lovely to finally get everything out and ready again.

  • Space-saver cot and Fisher-Price Rainforest Mobile


  • Cosatto Changing Table – look at all that storage space 🙂
    Pampers nappies we got on BOGOF at Tesco last month and Simple Wipes – 4 packs for £3.99 at Savers.


  • Bumper cushion things to go on sides of baby when she sleeps.DSC04109
  • Mothercare Baby Bouncer


  • Mothercare Safari Playmat (just need to stick it in the wash first)


  • Baby Toys and Rattles


  • Blankets, muslin squares and sheets (some Tyler’s, some new) – all washed and clean


  • This boppy pillow that my friend has kindly lent me


We also got the infant car seat out of storage, it’s a Cybex one that clips on to our Mamas and Papas Luna pushchair.

I bought a cutey owl hooded baby towel from TK Maxx today and am going to get another soft one that I saw in Boots. I’ve washed all the baby clothes – vests, gros, socks, scratch mittens, hats, dresses.

So I think we’re pretty much ready. I think! Now I must pack that hospital bag – that is definitely what I’m doing next! Is that everything? Have I forgotten anything?

Sabrina x


22 responses to “Getting ready for Baby No. 2

  1. How exciting – I can’t wait until I’m pregnant again! I had some soothing music prepared for the birth which I really liked too… That same great taste again, we bought the EXACT same cot mobile when The Bubs was born 🙂


    • Ahh yes music, thank you for the reminder! I’ll have to make my CDs up tomorrow. That mobile is brilliant isn’t it, I love the soothing music 😀 xx


  2. Gosh you are organised. Wish i had been this organised 2nd time around. Lucky you kept all that stuff from before. Such exciting times. The jumperoo is hands down the best baby product I’ve ever bought lol. So worth it isn’t it x


  3. Oooh how exciting! It’s nearly time. You are super organised, I’m impressed. I’ll need to take a leaf out of your book in a couple months time 🙂 It’s funny the second time round because you really do know a lot more about what you need and don’t need x


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