Maternity Leave – Week 5

This week I decided to have one mammoth last day out with my boy before winding down for the last weeks of pregnancy. Here’s what I got up to in my 5th week of maternity leave:


Day 29, Weds 8th – my mother-in-law thought I was crazy doing this at 37 weeks pregnant, hoping I wouldn’t go into labour! But on Wednesday morning after Tyler went to preschool, I went to B&Q to do some paint shopping and then to my mother-in-law’s to build a bench and paint it! I won’t be able to do anything like this when Honey Nut is here. You can see the full makever hereAfterwards I went to Boots and did a massive shop in preparation for the baby and my hospital bag, which I wrote about here. And then I met my hubby for lunch with two of his work friends, and I really enjoyed it! It was so nice to hear them chat about work shenanigans, I miss all the gossiping from my office!


Day 30, Thurs 9th – Tyler’s preschool was closed today, which was a perfect excuse for me to take him on his last Mummy and Son day out before the baby comes. I made his dream come true and took him on ALL the trains. You can read all about that day hereHe can’t stop talking about the day, and now he goes to bed each night with the tube map, wanting me to tell the story of our day out. A true train nut!


Day 31, Fri 10th – we just chilled out today, recovering from our day out the day before! Tyler went to preschool in the morning while I just faffed about on my laptop at my parents. We went back home in the evening where Tyler thought it would hilarious if he sat in Honey Nut’s chair. “Look at me! I’m in Honey Nut’s chair!” – the joker 😀


Day 32, Sat 11th – Went to Little Kickers in the morning, followed by drinks at Harris + Hoole before our weekly Tesco shop. It was the first time we went food shopping with my new car, and it was amazing to fit everything in the boot! No more tucking bags in the feet bits and on the spare seat. I can’t believe I made us all suffer all these years with that non-existant boot of my mini! Toyota Yaris – I think I love you now 😀



Day 33, Sun 12th – We went to visit my mother-in-law as she hadn’t seen Tyler in a while. And there he saw the new garden bench, perfect for watching the Central Line trains go by. Except they were all terminating at White City that day, but we saw people on a work train wagon go by and they waved at Tyler. He found it so funny!


Day 34, Mon 13th – I didn’t take any photos today. I had my 38 week appointment. In Slough this appointment is with the GP instead of the midwife for some reason. I wish it was with the midwife, the appointment was pretty rubbish. I’ll write about that in my pregnancy update. Afterwards I took Tyler to playgroup, then had a chai latte in Starbucks while he napped in the pushchair and when he woke, I let him have a Burgerking lunch before we went home and chilled out.


Day 35, Tues 14th – we did nothing in the morning apart from put up the bunting in Honey Nut’s corner, but then I got a call from the doctors saying they needed another urine sample from me – so glam. So in the afternoon we went into town, I did some clothes shopping as I realised I’d need nursing-friendly outfits very soon. So I got tops and a skirt from Primark, and I’ll get the skirts I already own out of storage at home. I then went to the doctors, and then we bought some food for dinner from M&S before heading home. All that walking made me shattered! That evening, I finally packed my hospital bag.

At this point, there’s just 10 days till the due date, but baby will probably be late like Tyler. I’m sleeping lots, so I don’t know if that’s my body getting ready. My plans for the next week literally just chilling out and listening to my hypnobirthing tracks – it better work!

Sabrina x


17 responses to “Maternity Leave – Week 5

  1. Oh my goodness my son would love an entire train day! No wonder your son was talking about it for days!!


  2. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying your time off before the baby comes. It’s nice that you got to have one last special day out on the trains!


  3. Busy week! Looks like you are ready to chill out now and stop giving your mother-in-law a heart attack!! I remember not being able to sit still in the last weeks of pregnancy, I think it’s just a natural instinct to want to get things done!! xx


  4. Ah bless him being so happy with his day out with you on the trains, I love little kids and how happy they are with such simple things to them. Oh to be a child again!


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