Honey Nut is here! 

I am happy to announce that Lily aka Honey Nut is here! Born Monday 27th June, 8.44pm, weighing 7lb 7oz. Sorry for the day’s delay in announcing, it all happened so quick, we were letting it sink in yesterday!

img_0136 img_0138 img_0151 img_0160

7 responses to “Honey Nut is here! 

  1. So exciting – congratulations!!! She looks like Daddy, so much hair… Well done Mummy, can’t wait to hear the birth story… How’s Tyler dealing with it all?


    • Thank you 🙂 Tyler is being amazing, he is such a proud big brother, like he’s obsessed with her, reading, talking to her, sitting at the cot and watching her all the time. I’m so surprised how happy he is! X


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