Empire Cinema, Slough

Ever wondered what it’s like inside the Empire Cinema in Slough? Well we went in last weekend to see the Secret Life of Pets preview and I took some pics to share with you. This is the outside, next to Nandos opposite the Queensmere Shopping Centre entrance.


When you go in, the tickets are bought in the entrance. It was pretty cheap compared to other cinemas, £7.95 for an adult ticket and £5.95 for a child (babies under 18 months are free). We parked in the Queensmere car park and you can get your car park ticket validated on Level 2 so you get free parking.


Then you go up this escalator to the next floor, Level 2:


Or you can take the lift:


On the Level 2 is where you get your ticket checked, but we were early so we asked if we could wait in the bar on that floor. The bar was closed, but we have been before when it is open and you can buy snacks and drinks there, they do cocktails, there’s a football table and seating overlooking Queensmere and the high street.

As it was closed, my husband nipped out to Poundland to get some snacks and drinks while we waited. Then we were ready, so we got out tickets checked and had to go up another escalator. This took us to Level 3 which is actually where you buy the popcorn and drinks from – oops! Oh well, we saved lots of money buying our stuff from Poundland 😉


On this floor is a Party Room as they do kids parties here. When I came last year when Tyler was still using the pushchair, I kept my buggy in the party room while we watched the Peppa Pig movie.


This is what they offer for kids parties if you are interested – it looks like it’s from £6 per child and you get invitations, tickets for the film, a kids box for each child, balloons and a free ticket for a return visit for each child. Optional extras include hiring out the party room and you can bring your own cake.


There are 10 screens and the movie we were seeing was at Screen 2 – so next mission was to find the screen. And I’m not joking, it was a mission. The layout of this cinema is like a maze, up and down stairs, through corridors. We had to go through Level 3, then go down the stairs and then walk all the way to the other side and finally there was Screen 2!

It was a little room, with the walkway on the left and seats on the right. They do have bigger rooms as we went to see Minions last year and it was a big room and screen. It was cosy in Screen 2 and there were only 3 other families, so quite like a private screening! Tyler sat on his aunty’s lap for most of the film as he couldn’t see if he sat on the seat on his own. The website says they do have booster seats available, so next time I will ask for a booster seat.


And towards the end he stood in front of my seat to see.


He really enjoyed the film, I loved hearing him laugh through it, it was so cute. What was great was that there was a mini Minions clip before the Pets movie which got the kiddies in a happy mood. And as grown-ups, we found the film hilarious too, I totally recommend seeing it! There are a couple of really scary bits, when Tyler gripped his aunty or squeezed my hand, but apart from that he loved it.

So that’s what it’s like inside Empire Cinema in Slough – it’s good if you are after cheap tickets and want to avoid crowds. It is a pretty old cinema but it is clean and does the job. They do 3D screening too, Saver Tuesdays where tickets are £4 all day, and Empire Juniors at 11am on weekends where tickets are £1.50.


If you fancy visiting, here are the details:

Empire Cinemas45, Queensmere Centre, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1DD
Facebook: EmpireCinemasSlough
Twitter: @EmpireCinemas
Booking Hotline: 08 714 714 714

For more great places to visit in Slough, visit themummystylist.com/slough

Please note I haven’t been paid for this post, we bought our tickets ourselves.


6 responses to “Empire Cinema, Slough

  1. I was really put off this cinema when I last went there – really sticky, dirty floor (ugh) so I haven’t been back since.

    But you seemed to have a good time, and the savers Tuesdays/empire junior deals might tempt me back – summer holidays soon, it might be a good idea to try it again with my little one 😏


    • Oh really, they must have cleaned it up since you visited! I mean it’s old, but it wasn’t dirty when we went. Maybe it depends if you go at a quiet time or not, but don’t give up on it! Xx


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  4. The cinema was originally called “The Maybox” when it opened around 1986. It replaced the (now demolished) Granada cinema which was on the Windsor Road (near the Police station).

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