What I actually used from my hospital bags

Remember that post I wrote about what I packed in my hospital bag and it’s seemed like I had packed EVERYTHING?! Well here’s what I actually used when I was at the hospital. I was there from 7.15pm Monday evening to 6.30pm Tuesday evening, so nearly 24 hours:


– All the water!
– A sip of Ribena

Things I took with me on the day:
– Lavender scented flannel
– Mini Hot Water bottle

Things out of my control:
There were no plug points in the room, so I had no music!
My husband downloaded the Heart FM app on his phone, thank god.
If you want music, take a battery operated radio or put music on your phone just in case.

Just after the birth:
– Shower gel
– Nightie
– Nursing Sleep Bra
– Black pants
– Maternity Pad
– Deoderant
– Body lotion
– A nutrigrain bar
– Babygro, vest and 1 nappy for baby’s first outfit
– Phone for photos


In the postnatal room, this is what I used:

– 3 blankets
– 4 nappies
– Simple wipes ( but I would recommend Water Wipes instead)
– Vaseline (for baby’s bottom after being wiped)
– A second babygro and vest and she was sick and the umbilical cord was seeping
– 2 muslin clothes
– 5 Nutrigrain bars ( I was hungry between meals!)
– 2 Ribena cartons
– Phone charger
– Maternity Pads
– Going home outfit, make-up and hairbrush – I stupidly though I would fit into non-maternity clothes straightaway – wrong! The skirt I brought with me was so tight, even though it was apparently size 16. Luckily I had my maternity leggings with me. Top tip – bring maternity clothes for your going home outfit!

I didn’t used nursing pads as I wasn’t leaking milk yet – it’s just colostrum for the first 2 days. I did use Lanisoh but probably didn’t need to yet.

I wish I had brought paracetamol with me, as it is so painful when your uterus is shrinking, and you feel the pain each time you breastfeed. The midwives take ages bringing the paracetamol, so I wish I had just brought a pack with me.

Hope that helps anyone who is packing their hospital bag for labour and birth soon 🙂

Sabrina x


14 responses to “What I actually used from my hospital bags

  1. That’s such a brilliant post! I wish I’d thought of writing something like that. In my last pregnancy, I wrote a hospital bag post with a gazillion things in the bags I’d packed…. and I ended up using, wait for it… nothing! Baby came quickly, in my bathroom, he he!


  2. I remember packing nursing pads with my first but never needed them so they were off my list for the second time round, when my bags were a lot lighter than the first time. Thankfully both times midwives were quick with any paracetamol needed but great tip just in case!


  3. I ended up not using a lot of what was in my hospital bag last time too! Need to streamline it a little this time but you never know what’s going to happen huh 🙈 Great post lovey x


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