Baby Honey Nut | 2 Weeks Old

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 3 weeks and we’re all still sane, I’m still breast-feeding and Honey Nut is fine. Compared to this time with Tyler, when I was an emotional mess and moved to formula on day 21, I am so proud to have made it this far with Honey Nut. Don’t get me wrong, I still have random emotional days when anything could make me cry, but it’s definitely hormones and the fact that Tyler is moving from preschool to reception – it’s not post natal depression. Yay!

2 weeks old : Day 14 – 20

According to the BabyCentre, at 2 weeks it’s all about “baby’s natural reflexes – suckling, grasping, rooting and blinking. She should catch my eye and look at me. Babies can only see things 30cm away”. Well I can agree with most of this, but Honey Nut can definitely see further than 30cm as she’s been looking at photos on our walls, so I’d say she can see 1m away. She also smiles at us, and laughs in her sleeps (it’s a wheezing noise with a smile). She turns to the light and loves looking at the sky.

She’s in size ‘up to 1 month’ clothes and Size 1 Pampers New Baby nappies. I’m enjoying dressing her in all her beautiful babygros. She sleeps well at night. I usually give her last feed at 11pm and put her in a Size 2 Pampers Night time nappy (the green ones) before we sleep. I’ll wake to give her a feed at 3.30am for about 20 mins, then she’ll wake for a feed at around 7am. So not too bad, to be honest the daytime is harder when she wants lots of little feeds through the day, and if she has trapped wind, she will let the world know with her super loud cry!

Here’s my diary for the week (they go with the pictures above, left to right):

Day 14: 2 weeks today since my Honey Nut was born. She was a bit poorly today, and sicked up her milk, but she seems better now she’s been sick, and sleeping now. I had a touch of the baby blues, it must be a day 14 thing for me as that’s when it happened with Tyler. It’s cos my hubby is going back to work and Tyler is graduating preschool tomorrow – wah! Still we’re looking forward to Trainspotting Live at 8pm today hehe

Day 15: At her grandparents house as dada was back at work after paternity leave and big bro was graduating preschool. First time away from mummy today, even if it was just for 15 mins, with Uncle Zu watching her. Her tongue thrush is still there so I’m trying to give her the medicine while she sleeps so it stays on her tongue longer. Fingers crossed it works!

Day 16: Another loooong day. Here’s a minute when she looked angelic at my parents house today.

Day 17: After yesterday’s nightmare day of constant feeding and crying and wind, I figured out it was to do with her having too much fore milk and not enough hind milk, so I fixed that and she was much more content today, back to long daytime naps – phew!

Day 18: I took both Tyler and Honey Nut out today, first time on my own. Registered her at the GP, went to the shops and then softplay. Woo! She’s lifting her head up now and trying to turn when she lies down! This little bunny is a gift from my husband’s work friend whose mum crocheted ‘lily’ – it’s gorgeous. His work have been so nice, first they send flowers the day we got out of hospital (lilies of course!), then they give him a joke book called ‘Go the F to Sleep’ that they all signed, another of his work friends got us a mamas and papas newborn giftset and now this bunny. Thank you HUSBAND’S work place ❤️ (Yep that’s right, my own workplace haven’t even sent me a card. Feeling unloved :-()

Day 19: A summer outfit for a sunny day, chilling in her Poddle Pod looking out of the window, she really finds the outside amazing. I was so happy to have made it to the Next Sale – I thought how on earth could I go with a newborn?? Well my husband, Tyler, Honey Nut and I headed to Queensmere after Tyler’s last Little Kickers class. They waited on a bench outside Next while I dashed in

Day 20: “No I don’t like boys!” – Honey Nut has her first baby visitor. 7 months vs 20 days.

And that was 2 weeks. If you have had a newborn, can you relate??

Sabrina x

PS Apologies I am only writing about baby stuff, it’s literally my world at the mo, but once we’re settled I will go back to writing about fashion and lifestyle stuff again!


23 responses to “Baby Honey Nut | 2 Weeks Old

  1. Wow 3 weeks already! You sound like you are rocking it mama! Well done. I think it sounds like a lot of people are more chilled out with their second – I’m hoping that’s the case with me haha! She’s gorgeous ♥️ x


  2. Awww look at her. I love looking at newborn baby posts. It makes you want to have another but we are definitely done with two. Lol looks like she’s doing brilliantly


  3. It’s going so fast! Can’t believe it’s been a month already. My #2 is still safely tucked away but I’m almost 39 weeks and already wanting time to slow down (though not in with the heat)! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo


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