Baby Honey Nut | 3 Weeks Old

3 weeks old: Day 21 – 27

According to the Babycentre, at 3 weeks “baby loves listening to the sound of your voice, especially if you talk in a high-pitched, sing-song way. Watch how she turns her head towards you when you coo over her. Your baby will also enjoy soft music and the sounds of a musical toy.” Well she definitely loves my voice and turns when I talk to her, her eyes widen and sometimes I get a smile and little coos and gurgles back. She’s not really interested in musical toys but she does seem soothed when I sing to her. I’m having to remember all the nursery rhymes now!

This week she seems to have had a growth spurt and her ‘Up to 1 month’ clothes are getting a bit tight. Her skin is shedding again which makes me think she’s getting bigger. Still in Size 1 Pampers Newborn nappies. Feeding is the same as last week, lots of feeding in the day and she seems to be go for longer at night, with the last feed at 10.30/11pm, then a night feed at 4.30/5am, and then morning feed at 9.30am – although some days she has more night feeds, it does vary. I’m still breastfeeding which is going well. though I’m fed up of my nightie being drenched with milk every morning. I’ve done so many washes this week. She cries for a couple of hours most evenings between 9pm – 11pm, with us trying to burp her.

Tyler is still obsessed with her, constantly in her face, beeping her nose, laughing and smiling at her. I have to tell him not to be so rough, and not to drive his toy cars on her – he doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just too excited around his sister. It really is lovely to see 🙂

Here’s my diary for the week (they go with the pictures above from left to right):

Day 21: 3 weeks literally this minute – 8.44pm. Wow where does the time go?! This is how she slept today in the heat – just a nappy and a muslin blanket on our bed. She’s starting to grab with her hand now ❤️ I had to take Tyler to an induction at his new school today, which meant leaving Honey Nut with Dada and some expressed milk. Here’s the first time Dada fed her the other day when we were practicing with our new Chicco Natural Feeling bottle – you can see her looking at him, thinking huh?! She took to it straightaway, those angled teats are good!

Day 22: Check out Tyler’s tube map duvet that I got from Argos – this train nut loves it. Obviously we’re sleeping on top of it in this heat! Today was the first time my dad held Honey Nut, his first granddaughter. This is a big deal as he has Parkinsons so was nervous to hold her. And as there’s not enough photos of me and Honey Nut, here’s a selfie I took. Makeup is smudged as we’d just woken from a nap on the sofa. We were at my parents on this hot humid day. Newborns do not like heat!

Day 23: My mum didn’t want me to take this photo, but I love this natural moment, she’s talking to Honey Nut and she’s looking right back at her Nana ❤️

Day 24 : First night overnight away from home. She woke at 2, 5 and 7.30am for night feeds but then we slept till 10am for the next feed so I kind of got a lie in as my mum was looking after Tyler. That was nice

Day 25: Honey Nut started to kick her legs like crazy since last night. Now she can kick off her blanket! We went to Activus softplay today so Tyler could have some fun, and Honey Nut slept in my arms the whole time after I gave her a feed. This is her ‘feed me!’ cry which Tyler finds quite amusing (don’t worry, I fed her after I took this pic)

Day 26 : My gorgeous girl smiling at me when I call her name. She’s awake a lot more between feeds so I have to talk to her and she coos like a cat. It’s just me and her today as Tyler is at Legoland with his daddy. I did feel sad, but I have to let go and let him have days out without me. It’s only while she’s a newborn I keep telling myself.

Day 27 : We had a visit from my cousin so I put Honey Nut in this gorgeous Zara dress that she got me at my baby shower. So beautiful and now I understand why it came with little pants! She’s spent most of the day sleeping.

And that was 3 weeks.

Sabrina x


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