MamaBabyBliss | Mummy Baby Balm Review

Since giving birth to Honey Nut a month ago now, I’ve been trying to look after myself as well as the baby. Obviously after 9 months of being stretched, I’m not expecting my belly to go back to how it was straightway and I’m definitely not in the mood for dieting or cutting out chocolates and desserts, I need them. But looking at the areas that can look good straightaway after having a baby, such as my skin, my hands and feet, my face and hair, I have been using products to keep my skin feeling good and painting my toenails so at least they look pretty!

During my pregnancy, my skin got awfully dry. I was constantly putting on hand cream. The feet got neglected as I could not reach them! And this dryness did not disappear after I had the baby. So I was happy to receive a ‘Mummy Baby Balm’ by MamaBabyBliss to test out.


Who are MamaBabyBliss? Well they are a company that do classes across the UK like pregnancy yoga, baby massage and baby yoga. Alongside the classes they have developed a range of skincare products for pregnancy, new mums and babies, which are free from synthetic chemicals, artificial colours and fragrances. Plus they are made from natural ingredients and essential oils. All products are clinically tested and not tested on animals.


I received a 50ml Aaah… Mummy Baby Balm which had a bright and colourful label, so it looks pretty on my bedside table. On squeezing out the balm, the first thing I noticed is the scent. It smells very natural and of sunflower oil. The texture is quite greasy but not as oily as pure sunflower oil. Once I rubbed it in, my skin felt instantly hydrated, not dry at all.


(By the way, that’s my mum’s hand in the above photo – she was being my hand model ;-))

The ingredients of the balm are:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Beeswax
  • Shea butter
  • Mango butter
  • Vitamin E

The balm has been designed for soothing chapped nipples, dry elbows and cracked heels, as well as infant eczema and cradle cap on babies. It’s paediatrician approved for breastfeeding mothers and does not need to be removed before feeding.

For myself, I have been using it on the dry skin on my hands and feet, and rubbing into my fingernails to keep them soft and shiny. The area where you can see the most difference is on my heels (yes I’m going to show you my cracked heels!) Look at this:


I haven’t used the balm on Honey Nut as she is only 4 weeks and her skin is still new and developing natural defense barriers, so I am not putting any products on her skin just yet.

I will carry on using MamaBabyBliss balm on my feet everyday, especially with it being summer and me wearing sandals, I want my feet to look nice.

All in all, if you are after a product for dry skin that is made of 100% natural ingredients, the Mummy Baby balm is a good option. It costs £9.99 and is available to buy from the MamaBabyBliss website.

Sabrina x

Please note I was kindly sent this product free of charge, but all opinions and words are my own as always.


12 responses to “MamaBabyBliss | Mummy Baby Balm Review

  1. Very impressed by how much your feet have changed since using it. Mine are so dry at the moment and nothing I’ve used has seemed to improve it. May have to give this balm a go!

    PS. How is Honey Nut a month old already?!


  2. Wow I love the sound of this cream. I’ll definitely be checking them out, especially if we ever have another child! Love using natural ingredients with essential oils xx


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