Baby Honey Nut | 6 Weeks Old

6 weeks old | Days 42 – 48

I had been waiting for this week since Honey Nut was born – 6 weeks was when it was supposed to get better, according to family, and how it went with Tyler when he magically became a happy baby at 40 days. Well, I can tell you that yes – things got better! It was around 38 days for Honey Nut when she was crying less and being awake and happy, not necessarily wanting a feed, and just wanting me to talk to her! I love hearing her gurgle, trying to talk to me, and her beautiful big eyes! I can see when she is excited, and when a train goes past our apartment, those eyes go huge! She coos at her cot mobile, and likes to sit in her baby chair kicking away and looking out of the window or at us. The good days are really here 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, she still cries, and it’s LOUD! When she cries, one minute feels likes ten minutes and you feel like your head is going to explode, it’s so hard to think! But, it’s not colic, we just have a drama queen here. And there’s no in between – she can be happy and cooing, and then in a millisecond she is screaming! I reckon she’s inherited her Nana’s mood swings 😉 (That’s a joke mum!)


The other thing that surprised me is that I’m still breastfeeding! I had always planned to do this until 6 weeks and then move on to formula, imagining breastfeeding to be a chore – but it’s actually alright, I find myself enjoying it. I like not having to sterilise bottles each day and how I’m losing weight and not having periods. I like how if she wants a feed, she can have one straightaway. Also I like that she only poos every 2 0r 3 days, rather than every day if she was formula fed. So for now, I’ll carry on until I’m fed up. I think the fact that I can express and leave her with my mum for a break makes me feel less pressured too.

According to the Babycentre, this is what happens at 6 weeks: “Does your baby coo at you when you pick him up from his pram or his carrycot? Recognising you is just one sign that he’s becoming more aware of what’s going on around him. Of course, your baby has known exactly who you are from day one! But now he’s able to show you he knows it’s you, making eye contact with you and maybe even giving his first smile! Your baby will have a six-week check around now and your GP will assess how he’s doing. Take the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.”

Well she definitely coos at me and smiles. We had our 6 week check with the health visitor, and well, she was very brief. Which is fine with me, I find all these checks a hassle.

Here’s my diary for the week (photos from left to right):

Day 42 – 6 weeks today exactly since I gave birth to this little thing, not so little anymore 🙂 She had visitors from my cousins and was totally alert and happy. But we’ve had a crying evening, I thought it was meant to get easier at 6 weeks. Oh well, we’re halfway to 12 weeks now. She’s wearing a vest I got from the @bootsminiclub sale for £2.50 – bargain!

Day 43 – I took Honey Nut to visit Daddy’s work today so I put her in her @mamasandpapas dress that one of his work friends bought for her. She was so good and interested, looking at everyone gazing at her! Then she visited her granny’s house for the first time and she was good there too. Nice day out for Honey Nut and Tyler.

Day 44 – with it being Olympics season, I’ve put her in Tyler’s Olympics romper from 2012. It says long distance crawler! The health visitor came today and weighed her – she’s now 9lb 9oz. I had to fill in a questionnaire which confirms that I don’t have postnatal depression. Well duh! And we got some free books from Bookstart – they say it’s never to early to read to your baby. I don’t know how interested she would be though!

Day 45 – this one slept from 10.30pm – 5.15am last night, longest stretch! Which is great except I automatically woke at 3.30 and was wide awake. She spent the whole afternoon at my parents’ house sleeping, and when she was awake she was cooing and gurgling at everyone – so nice!

Day 46 – this photo cracks me up, it looks like Honey Nut is really excited for the Olympics on telly. We were watching the Trampolining and she started crying when it finished. Though I think that was a coincidence, it was because its blinking hot! She’d been sleeping all afternoon but this evening has been restless. She’s just in her nappy now with a muslin wrapped around her and that seems to have calmed her down

Day 47 – She slept so well last night after a restless hot evening. I did a dreamfeed at 11pm, another at 3.30am and then she woke at 8.30am. Pretty good hey. It’s so hot, she’s only calm when I walk around with her in the baby carrier. This is outside in my parents garden where we spent the day. The evening was spent doing our first proper food shop since she was born – she wasn’t impressed with Lidl!

Day 48 – she has on a gorgeous @hm T-shirt from our friends who visited today. It was perfect for this really hot weather we’re having. I think Honey Nut enjoyed having lots of kiddos around her. She cried for a bit this evening – then I realised she just wanted me to talk to her and she was happy.

Here’s the Mamas and Papas dress from Day 43 – gorgeous isn’t it!


Sabrina x


22 responses to “Baby Honey Nut | 6 Weeks Old

  1. she’s adorable! I remember my LG took about 6-8 weeks to settle into a good routine, felt like a lifetime of sleepless nights and tears. Now strangely I look back and miss those days.


  2. Oh Sabrina, she has the sweetest little face. Wonderful to hear that things are settling into a bit more of a routine and that you are still enjoying breastfeeding Honey Nut! xx


    • I’m sorry to hear your kids are a hassle to you. I’m definitely enjoying my children and I’m just talking about the newborn constant crying days being over in this post, but don’t see it as a hassle.


    • That’s why I’m writing it all down, the early weeks are already becoming a blur! I am so relieved at things getting easier, but also a bit sad she’s not so little anymore! xx


  3. Awww. It’s a whirlwind isn’t it. She’s a beauty that’s for sure. Love that little outfit. Glad to hear your enjoying breastfeeding. Well done mama. I’m still feeding mine 9 months and loving it. she has expressed and formula too so it’s fab to be flexible. Sounds like you’ve had a good week 🙂


    • That is the word, a whirlwind! Yes I can’t believe I’m still breastfeeding and actually enjoying it – now I understand why lots of mums do it! xx


  4. Aw she is absolutely gorgeous, it goes too fast doesn’t it. I still remember waiting for you to pop and keeping updated on your Instagram feed. xx


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