Poddle Pod | Baby Nest Review

You’ve probably seen lots of cute photos of Honey Nut nestled in her Poddle Pod all over my Instagram and Facebook pages. We’ve been using it for 7 weeks now, and I feel that’s enough time to test it out and tell you all about it.


If you are unfamiliar with what a Poddle Pod is, well it’s a baby nest that you place your baby in so they feel like they are being cuddled. It’s made from a hollowfibre filling with a 100% cotton cover so that it is breathable. It is weight activated to give your baby the feeling of being cradled in your arms.


The infant pod is for birth to 6 months, and it is 24 x 16 inches, with the inner pod being 14 x 6 inches. There is a bigger Toddle Pod available which is for 6 months to 3 years.

Poddle Pod kindly sent me an infant pod to try out. The covers come in lots of cute designs and I chose the Applejack design on the removable cover, as I felt it matched most of Honey Nut’s outfits (very important ;-)) The cover had a turquoise-green velvet finish on the underneath side, which is good as it gripped on to our sofa better, so it was not slippery.

When she was newborn, I placed her in the centre of the inner pod, and she was so calm and slept so well. As she got a few weeks older and longer, her head was placed on the cushion part of the pod.

The first time I used it, the pod was on the sofa and I felt safe that she would not fall off the sofa as it was really sturdy. I got my first blog post written since I gave birth while she slept on the pod and I was sat on my desk by the sofa – it was the BEST feeling, I felt normal again! She was about 1 week old then.

Since then, we have used the pod so much. She loves to lie in it and look out of the window from the sofa.


I put her in it and Tyler talks to her and gazes at her, and I feel safe that he won’t squash her as she’s protected by the pod.


We put her in it when visitors come round, so rather than one person holding the baby, all the visitors can gaze at her and she is all comfy in the pod.


The BEST use I have found is to put her in the pod on the floor of the bathroom if she is awake when I want to take a shower. She LOVES it, looking at the bathroom lights, and I get to have a shower without rushing, knowing she is safe and not being prodded by her brother if I had left them alone. For this reason, the Poddle Pod is a godsend!!

And of course, there are all the cute photos I have taken of her in the pod!

I made a video review also if you’d like to see the Poddle Pod in action:

This Poddle Pod is £39.99 including the cover, and I would recommend it as I have found it so useful and it has made life with a newborn that little bit easier.

I do want to reiterate that it is not suitable for unsupervised naps – ie it is NOT a nest that you put in the cot when you go to sleep at night. This pod is for daytime naps when you are awake and can keep an eye on the baby.

From my personal use, I have mostly been using it when Honey Nut is awake in the pod so I can get on with day-to-day chores, have a shower, have her on the sofa safely, or simply to relax and watch her hands free, all the while having the reassurance that she is safe.

You can buy the Poddle Pod from www.poddlepod.com.

I hope you find this review useful 🙂

Sabrina x

I was sent the Poddle Pod free of charge but all opinions and words are my own as always.


13 responses to “Poddle Pod | Baby Nest Review

  1. I love this poddle pod. It’s the type of thing I’d love if I had a baby. I bet it would be great for my friend who is about to have her baby. I’m looking for a babyshower gift too!


  2. How have i never seen or heard of the Poddle Pod before? Such a clever and innovative idea, especially with the raised sides, much safer than propping a baby up with pillows on the sofa!xx


  3. This looks great, perfect for a newborn! I used to put Rosalie in her bouncy chair but this is great for if you have older siblings as they seem closer to the baby. They can even have a cuddle with the pod on their lap.


    • Exactly, it’s perfect for a newborn especially when they’re too fragile for a chair. It’s definitely helped Tyler be closer to her without squashing her! x


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