Baby Honey Nut | 9 weeks old

The weeks are starting to merge into one I’m sorry to say. Which is why I’m glad I’m keeping an Instagram daily diary. What I can remember is that she has been drooling and chewing her hands loads, so is probably teething (already!). She has been weighed at 9 weeks and is 10lbs exactly. She doesn’t like being swaddled or even having sheet over her when she sleeps, kicking it off. So at night she is back in a babygro and I put a sheet over her legs when she is in a deep sleep.


According the the Babycentre, at 9 weeks “Your baby is developing new skills every day and building on the ones she’s got. By now you may be able to tell from her expression when she is excited, unhappy, pleased or surprised. When you talk to your baby, she may move her arms and legs and make little noises back to you. Your baby may hold objects for a few moments, but without looking to see what’s in her hands. She may swipe at things with her fists, too. Your baby will love batting at a balloon or a ball of wool, but you’ll need to watch her carefully to make sure she’s safe.”

Oh yes her facial expressions, there is such a personality emerging! I really feel she is trying to communicate with me with her eyes and the sounds she makes. We get plenty of ‘surprised’ looks with her big eyes. She does hold things unintentionally, like her dummy when she accidentally swipes it out of her mouth and then starts bawling!

Here’s my diary for the week:

Day 63 – 9 weeks old today and a happy girl in the day. We went for a walk into town to go to the shops and she’s spent most of the afternoon cooing at her cot mobile and sleeping. But the blasted tongue thrush is back again, argh!

Day 64 – I got her weighed this morning at the children’s centre clinic and she’s now 10lbs exactly (4.550kg) She went to her first stay and play session, bawled her eyes out and then slept! Back home she slept most of the afternoon, and then we had an impromptu train trip to Windsor (as its only 6 minutes) and we walked along the riverside with her in the baby carrier. Such a lovely day, I feel like we’ve done lots! I even gave her a bath when we got back 🙂

Day 65 – I’m getting to like putting Honey Nut in dresses, only took me two months to get used to it. She is such a girly girl already, I think I’m finally ready to part with Tyler’s baby clothes, with a mass eBay session. Today we visited her grannie Agee, and she slept most of the afternoon on the downstairs bed. The life of a baby! We’re home now and Tyler is reading her a bedtime story (his Thomas book) while she is watching him from her cot. So sweet!

Day 66 – it’s Honey Nut and Tyler’s grandad’s birthday today so we went to the grandparents house. She spent a lot of the day chatting to Unc Zu and Nana, sleeping, drinking milk, looking at Tyler and chilling in the garden. I thought I’d try to get a nice sibling shot – love it haha!

Day 67 – this one hates sheets and being swaddled. Every morning I wake and she’s kicked off her sheets! It’s so funny to watch her little legs in the air. We went out into town today for the opening of Slough’s new library and she was looking around from her buggy. She’s wearing a My Little Pony tee and leggings from Next (that I bought from @choicestores) Her first character outfit ‘cos I love My Little Pony. I saved my 80s childhood ponies for her in my parents’ garage. I had two faves, Cotton Candy and Blossom. Which were your faves?

Day 68 – can you believe I forgot to take a photo, so here is one my sister took. Last night Honey Nut slept from 9.30pm to 8am – that is the longest ever! I woke at 7.30am and pumped 5oz of milk (woo!) so my mum could look after her in the afternoon while I took Tyler out to the miniature railway. I’ve been burping Honey Nut with her sitting up on my lap lately, since she’s been more steady with her head, and from this position we’ve noticed her looking at her feet as she wiggles them. She seems quite amazed by them!

Day 69 – I must admit today has been more about her big brother starting school tomorrow (my baby!) but she has been a fab little sidekick. I had her in the baby carrier in Tesco which she found fascinating, her eyes darting about everywhere. She had a bit of a tearful evening with a bit of trapped wind. Poor thing, it will be so good when she can burp herself. Today’s outfit is a @carters pink vest with bottoms that were a gift from my cousin 🙂

Here she is looking at her most favourite thing in the world (apart from me, hehe ;-)) – the cot mobile animals. She squawks at them and kicks and waves her arms in excitement, I swear she must dream about them too, as she smiles and laughs in her sleep!


And I wrote this caption for the last photo:

These two cuteheads, there’s so much love between them. Every morning when Tyler wakes, he goes straight to her cot and asks “Did you have a nice sleep Honey Nut?” Then he asks me, “Does she need some milk? Can I burp her? Can I kiss her? Can I fluff her hair? Can I beep her nose?” and on and on 🙂 And her eyes just follow him around. Can’t believe big one starts school tomorrow. Still it’ll give Honey Nut a break from having her nose beeped!


9 weeks of Honey Nut – wow, where does the time go?!

Sabrina x


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