Baby Honey Nut | 11 Weeks Old

I wanted to do weekly updates for the first 3 months of Honey Nut’s life, and can you believe it, we are at that date! So this is the last weekly update, 11 weeks, the last week of being a 2-month-old. And then I will do monthly updates from 3 months onwards, as the weeks will be quite similar within the month.


According to the Babycentre, at 11 weeks “Your baby’s coordination is improving every day, and it may not be long before he’s able to reach out and grab things that catch his eye. As your baby is learning how to move, his brain is developing quickly, too. Even at such a young age, reading to him will help his language development. It teaches him about the rhythm of language, and will eventually help him learn to talk. He loves listening to your voice, so it’ll be fun for him, too! To capture your baby’s attention when reading, vary the pitch of your voice, use accents, make funny faces and sing. If he looks away or loses interest while you’re reading, take your cue from his responses and try something else, or give him time to rest. He’ll soon be ready for another round of stories or a different game altogether!”

I swear I did not read what they had written until today, and by coincidence I have been reading to Honey Nut this week, with Tyler’s old baby books – she loves it, really looking at the bright pictures and the little duck finger puppet. I thought it was too early, but it’s amazing how interested she was! 11 weeks is definitely the week she started to need entertaining.

She’s still in Size 2 nappies and size 0-3 month clothes fit her perfectly, not too big and not too tight – so I’ve been trying to get the most use out of her summer clothes before it’s too cold. Although the heatwave mid-week was quite unbearable, I’m almost looking forward to dressing her in snuggly winter outfits.

Her head is still wobbly, but she can hold it up. Her favourite position is sitting up with me holding her as it she is sitting. Tyler was like that too, but he did not sit up by himself until 5 months – so I have 2 more months of holding her like this! She also seems to be getting louder, sometimes it’s like she is shouting at things hehe.

She is still being exclusively breastfed, and I am really proud of myself that I have been able to feed her like this for 3 months. For someone who used to hate it, I can’t believe how natural it has been second time round and I don’t intend to stop. But now that she is 3 months, I do feel more comfortable to introduce formula for when we are out and about.

Here’s my diary for the week:

Day 77 – this first time I’ve been late doing a daily update as I fell asleep with the kids last night! Yesterday she turned 11 weeks (how?!) and was a bit of a handful in the day. I couldn’t stop her crying – I fed her, burped her, changed her nappy, put teething gel on, gave her the dummy and still she was crying. I was like, what is wrong?! Then I lay her on the bed and sang to her while stretching her arms and legs and she immediately stopped and started smiling and cooing. It looks like we have a baby who wants entertaining

Day 78 – my loud little girl, she was really trying to talk to me, with all the drool bubbles foaming out of her mouth! Also a crying misery after we picked up Tyler, but the smiles in between make up for it. And how cute does she look in this girly @hm outfit from my friend – thank you @cassiewolfinger

Day 79 – I know it’s a sad photo, but she’s not always smiling. Today was a blah day for her because of the teething, she was coughing and had a runny nose – can babies get hayfever? It wasn’t all bad though, she was happy in the buggy and lay on her playmat a good half hour. Her granny came over today and she was cooing at her for a bit after a loooong daytime nap. One more hot day tomorrow and then it cools down for our babies. Can’t wait, we are melting

Day 80 – that’s right, 80 days of Honey Nut, wow! Today she was happier than she was yesterday, she woke in the morning and sneezed all the snot out. That seemed to have fixed her mood! I realised today she liked having baby picture books read to her, properly gazing at the bright pictures with interest. Luckily I have loads of Tyler’s baby board books. So it’s looks like ‘Storytime’ might be a daily activity for us

Day 81 – look at these two cuties! ❤️ This is Honey Nut’s birthday buddy who visited today. They have to be friends forever, sharing the same birthday and being born in the same hospital! And without social media, these two would never have met. Isn’t technology amazing?!

Day 82 – okay she can’t sit up yet but this is her favourite position with me holding her up, she likes to look at everything. Today we were at Nana’s house with the family. I love family days at home doing nothing ❤️

Day 83 – the good thing about it being a bit colder is getting to wear her winter outfits! This cutie @hm one is from my cousin @fareeen, love it! Although I had to take the hat off after I took the photo, she was not happy with that haha. We had a lovely chilled out day at home. She was so content, playing by herself on the playmat, watching The Simpsons with Tyler, smiling at Tyler goofing around. It could be cos she’s 12 weeks tomorrow – exciting!


Above is that cute H&M outfit from Day 78. Doesn’t she just make your heart melt!?

Sabrina x


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