Top 16 Baby Outfits from H&M | Autumn 2016

So I went into H&M last week looking for some baby gifts for friends of mine. I don’t usually go into the Slough branch as it’s quite narrow and cramped, and the lift is right at the back of the store to get down to the kids floor in the basement. But I am so glad I went to the effort of getting down there last week – the new Autumn range is out, and the baby 0 – 24 month section is sooooooooo cute. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! Soft, cuddly sweats, chunky knits, pastel pinks and soft greys, cute weather cartoons. Ahhh! I wasn’t meant to be shopping for Honey Nut, but I ended up buying these pink soft leggings that look like jeans (known as ‘treggings’). Perfect for teaming up with Tyler’s baby tops so she won’t look like a boy!

I have to share with you my favourite baby outfits from the new range, boys and girls, so have a look at this!


  1. Light Grey Mouse Cotton Jumper – £6.99
  2. Powder Pink Sweatpants – £7.99
  3. Grey Cat Sweatshirt – £6.99
  4. Raspberry Washed-out Treggings – £6.99
  5. Powder Pink Cloud Cotton Jumper – £6.99
  6. Light Grey MarlFine-Knit Trousers – £6.99
  7. Pink Heart Sweatshirt – £6.99
  8. Dark Grey Treggings – £6.99
  9. Dark Blue Cloud Patterned Sweatshirt – £6.99
  10. Grey Patterned Sweatpants with a pocket – £6.99
  11. Light Grey Sweatshirt – £7.99
  12. Black Cloud Joggers – £5.99
  13. White Cable Knit Jumper – £9.99
  14. Pull-on Jeans – £7.99
  15. Grey Marl Cable Knit Dress – £9.99
  16. Spotted Cotton Cardigan – £6.99

Now I’ve mentioned above that I’ve already bought the pink treggings, but I’m probably going to get one of the cotton jumpers and joggers, and maybe the black treggings too, oh and maybe the polka dot cardi. It’s so hard to pick just one!

What do you think, which is your favourite?

Sabrina x


32 responses to “Top 16 Baby Outfits from H&M | Autumn 2016

  1. Oh my goodness. All of those outfits are adorable. I wish we had a H&M closer to where I live, the nearest is a good 30-45 minute drive. I adore their clothes, but buying online can be a nuisance. Love the blue cloud jumper – you’ve tempted me to look in the A/W boys collection #MarvMondays


  2. Oh the cuteness of the clouds – it’s really too much to resist but if they’re from the baby section then I rather suspect that even my littlest will be too big for them – I shall have to investigate!!


    • Oh yes the cloud one was in the newborn section. The baby clothes are so cute, I was so sad when Tyler was too old for them. They should really make the range 0 – 4 years in my opinion! X


  3. Love these! I was in H&M earlier this week and saw a couple of cute bits for the boys and almost picked up the jumper to match no.10 on your list but didnt in the end (I think I may have to go back!). The girls section looked so much cuter and it was the first time that I actually missed buying baby girls clothes. After seeing your post though I may just have a quick look online and see what else they have for boys as I didnt see half of the things on your list! Fab outfit post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Oh yes and there’s a matching bodysuit too, such a cool print! The girls section was definitely bigger than the boys in store, they should even it out, I used to buy all of Tyler’s baby clothes from H&M! X


  4. Ohhh H&M are one of my absolute faves for baby and kids’ clothes. Their new ranges are just adorable. I love all the cloud bits 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #weekendtotstyle and hope you had a great weekend!x


  5. Oh goodness… Where to begin?! The clouds… those leggings with food all over… I haven’t been into H&M for ages as H seems to hate going in there and grumbles all the way round, but I think I may have to go on a cheeky visit when B’s at preschool later this week!

    Thanks for linking up to #FunkyKidFriday xxx


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