Colourful Winter Coats Wishlist

For once my fashion post is going to be about me rather than the kids. It’s about time as my sense of style has seriously been neglected! I’ve seen a lot of posts about ‘school run style’ and looking good when you when you do the school run. I must admit, I just throw on leggings, a long top or dress, and a hoodie, drag a brush through my hair and rub some face cream on. I don’t think that’s going to change, I just need to drop Tyler off and pick him up on time. Sometimes the time is super tight as I’d have just finished feeding Honey Nut.

With it being winter, the coat is going to cover up what I’m wearing anyway. I have a grey jersey coat from New Look that has lasted me years and seen me through 2 pregnancies as it’s so baggy. I don’t want to change my wardrobe, but I would love a funky set of coats to choose from, all in bright colours. I had a look online to find my dream set of coats if money was no object. This is what I found:


  1. JD Williams – Hooded Duffle Coat – Red – £59
  2. Boden – Jennie Coat – Blue – £170.10
  3. H&M – Green Coat – £29.99
  4. Boden – Amanda Duffle Coat – Yellow – £161.10


There’s no way I can afford to buy all these coats, but if I had to choose one it would be a red hooded wool coat – ideally I don’t want a duffle one, but with a belted waist. I couldn’t find one online, so this JD Williams is the best I could find. I am going to have to keep an eye out whenever I’m out and about, and keep checking the charity shops, sometime you can find a gem there. Wish me luck!

What are you wearing for a coat this winter?

Sabrina x



6 responses to “Colourful Winter Coats Wishlist

  1. I just bought number 3 in navy last week! I was just about to say its very my style when I looked closer and realised Id just bought it, ha ha! Its lovely, but very thin so I wouldnt recommend it as a winter coat. It’ll probably just about see me through autumn I reckon. I quite like to colour of number 4 too 😉 You should definitely treat yourself to a new jacket too, us mums are always last in the pecking line for clothes! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


    • Lol that is funny! Thanks for the tip, you can’t tell it’s thin from the photo. You’re right, us mums should treat ourselves, I am definitely buying one of these coats! x


  2. Those coats definitely look stylish, but when it comes to how I dress for winter, I always choose warmth over style. I’m very sensitive to the cold weather and I live in the frigid Northeast so a warm winter coat is crucial for me. I have to have a coat that goes below my knees and it absolutely has to be down. In the winter I wear the Canada Goose mystique parka, and on extremely cold days I also wear the North Face ThermoBall parka under it. I may be one of the most bundled up people out there, but that’s a price I’m always willing to pay to stay warm.


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