The Siblings Project | June to October

I have been meaning to join in with ‘The Siblings Project‘ since Honey Nut was born back in June. Basically, every 15th of the month, loads of bloggers write a post about how their children have got on that month. And at last Tyler has a sibling, but each month I always seem to miss the 15th – blogging is soooo hard now I have a baby, I honestly don’t know how people do it. Every evening after a looooong day of looking after Tyler and Honey Nut, all I want to do is sleep. Anyhow, today I decided YES I will write this siblings post! And I’m glad I did, looking through the photos of the past 4 months is so heart-warming, seeing the love between the siblings literally from day 1 and it’s only grown stronger. Enough waffling from me, have a look at these:


When Tyler first met Honey Nut at the hospital


That night he got my chick lit book and was ‘reading’ the Three Little Pigs story to her. Bedtime stories for her from Day 1 – he just loved her from the start.



What is amazing is how Honey Nut adored Tyler from such an early age, the way she gazes at him like he’s the most fascinating thing!


You know he loves her because he shares his prized possession with her, his tattered cushion. He does not share this with anyone, so this is really really saying something!

Showing his toys to her:



They sleep the same way too:


Tyler is so obsessed with Honey Nut. Every morning when he sees she is awake he goes “Oh hi Honey Nut! Did you have a nice little sleep?”

When she cries, he’s ready to put the dummy in her mouth. I swear he was so happy when she started to take the dummy, like he was the expert showing her how to use it! If she’s really crying, he goes “Mummy, I think she needs some milk!”



Whenever we go anywhere, he goes “Can Honey Nut come too?”, he wants her around everywhere. And even though she can’t talk yet, I’m sure Honey Nut loves him just as much, the way she looks at him says it all. And Tyler even made her have her first giggle last week.



I love watching these two together. So far there is no jealousy, and I am hoping I am sharing myself between them so they both feel loved equally. The only thing is Tyler is something a bit over-excited around her, showering her with kisses, that we have to remind him to be gentle!




Now I’m up to date, next month’s post won’t have sooooo many photos as this one (sorry, not sorry!)

Sabrina x

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