Those Embarrassing Things About Pregnancy That No One Tells You About

Pregnancy brings lots of wonderful things, like obviously a gorgeous baby hehe, but you hear about the glow, your hair growing thicker and glossier. And most of us know about the side effects like morning sickness, stretchmarks, finding it hard to walk towards the later months of pregnancy, breathlessness, bigger boobs, swollen feet and ankles. But one thing not many people mention the little pee problem, ie incontinence. Incontinence is quite a taboo subject and people can be embarrassed by the symptoms, but it is completely normal in pregnancy and after birth. Hartmann Direct have created this infographic to show just how common the issue actually is, so that people know they are not suffering alone:


On another note, how talented is the designer who created this infographic! In my job as a graphic designer, I often had to create infographics on the topic of insurance and it was really hard. So to create one on the topic of incontinence and make it look cute is amazing!

In my experience, when I was pregnant, I stopping drinking anything with caffeine in it and I had no fizzy drinks, and I can honestly say I did not suffer from this problem, so that can really help. I hope you have found this post useful, and if you are suffering from incontinence, do follow the tips from Hartmann on how to prevent it.

This is a collaborative post


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