The Siblings Project | January 2017

Here are my photos of Tyler and Lily from the past few weeks. I’ll start off with my fave – Tyler taking photos of his sister. He’s getting good at it too!


This is one of the photos he took – I love it!


As it was Christmas hols, they spent a lot of time together, but I must admit I was afraid to have them both on my own. As soon as my husband went back to work, I legged it to my parents with them for a few days! But the thought of having them on their on was worse than how it actually was. I had them for two days with just me and it was fine! Tyler was so helpful, he a fab big brother.

At my parents house:


When I had the two of them, I took them to Lily’s usual Rhymetime sessions at The Curve, and Tyler loved meeting Lily’s baby friends and he was playing with them. He loves babies now. It’s so funny, this time last year, he was so not interested in babies at all!

At The Curve:


Lego Session at The Curve: img_7086

In the hols, we had a few days out and now that Lily can sit in a highchair, it makes it more interesting for the two of them.

London Bus-spotting at Garfunkels in Paddingdon:


Lunch after a country walk at the Red Lion, Iver:


At home, Tyler seems to think Lily is tougher now that she is bigger and can sit up. I have to keep reminding him that she is still a baby and he has to be gentle. The other day he was sitting on her back and she was laughing. I was like noooooo! When she falls, he pulls her up by her arms. Again, noooooo!

At home:


They love each other so much though, anything Tyler does makes Lily laugh and smile. Most of the time, they are just on the floor playing alongside each other. Tyler is suddenly interesting in his old baby toys. And Lily just wants Tyler’s toy cars.


It is fun watching them together. Now that Lily is eating, they have dinner at the same time too. Next month, I’ll try to get an ‘eating together’ photo. It’s always hard to get a good photo of them together, they keep moving!

Sabrina x

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12 responses to “The Siblings Project | January 2017

  1. What a gorgeous bond that is forming between your two. They are so cute here together. Looks like they take good care of each other already. It only keeps getting better too as they get older. I look forward to the year of #siblingsproject ahead with your two.


  2. aw those dinky toes together what a great picture! this is my first time joining in to the siblings project I see so many lovely posts about it so I thought i give it a go too!


    • Ahhhh I love baby toes right?! The siblings project is lovely, the months go so quickly so it’s nice to have something to make you write about them each month!


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