Me and Mine | January 2017

And so the first month of the new year is over – how quick did that go?! We took a family photo at the weekend when Tyler and Lily’s granny came to visit.


This month I have been loving decluttering the home, it has been sooooo satisfying clearing out the old, finding things we had thought we had lost or forgotten. I love my new blogging space and I have loved getting back into a routine with Tyler and Lily after the Christmas holiday.

The Dada has been loving coming home earlier that usual (thanks to his friend at work giving him a lift – thank you friend!) – which has meant he’s been able to see Tyler and Lily before they go to sleep.

Tyler has been loving drawing buses, hanging out with his grandparents, uncle and aunty at the weekends, watching Legoland Miniland videos on YouTube, walking to school with his best friends, shouting out the numbers of buses when he sees them and reading out car numberplates and then saying ‘No waaaay!’ like they do in Blaze and the Monster Machines.

Lily has been loving Music Time at the library, eating food, playing with Tyler’s trains and Duplo Lego bricks, her new found ability to reach things by stretching, seeing Dada after work (big smiles!) and of course just being around Tyler.

And now for February – my favourite month is it’s my birthday one, whoop whoop!

Sabrina x


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