School Diaries| What Tyler Learnt in Reception #1

I MISS writing about Tyler! Ever since he started school, he hasn’t really featured in my blog much. All we do is go to school and get ready for bed after school. The weekends are spent at his grandparents and at home. It’s not the weather for days out at the mo, and there are no outfit posts as he only wears his school uniform or PJs!

The thing is, he has developed sooooo much since he started school, with his speech, his writing, drawing, having friendships. He can read the time now, knows the days of the week and what happens on each day and at what time. His school is amazing. I’m not going to name the school, but let’s just say it is a primary school in Slough.


Some parents say that all they do is play all day and there is not enough learning, which I don’t mean as a criticism, it’s just that different parents have different expectations. I chose this school as my first choice BECAUSE they play all day and they LEARN through playing. I think this is the best way to learn, by having fun. Tyler has learnt so much since he started in September, he is really happy there, running in and not even looking back in the mornings, and he is TOP of his class in phonics according to his teacher. This is without me ever sitting down with him to study. Outside of school, he has learnt everything from just living his life, watching alphabet videos on YouTube, reading bus numbers and road signs, playing with his Peppa Pig phonics toy and alphabet cards.

Before he started school, I always wondered what they actually do in Reception. So I thought why don’t I write a weekly ‘School Diaries’ post with all the things he has learnt from school that week and any funny things he says. I thought it might be interesting. If not, well at least it’s a memory that I’ve noted down for us!

Here is what he has said and learnt this week:

“We eat fruit before sweets”

“25 comes before 26”

“O has two sounds – octopus, on and off” (I’m guessing they learnt ‘ohh’ and ‘oooh’ sounds maybe)

“I drew a brown gingerbread man with beautiful colours!”

They watched the Hungry Caterpillar on the giant screen. Now he wants to read the book over and over at home.

He says they learnt letter sounds M and D – “mmmmm” and “ddddddhhhh”
“M for monkey” and “D for dinosaur”

Me: I like orange juice, but not oranges really. What about you?
Tyler: But. But my friends like oranges

And the best thing he has learnt presumably from school is WRITING HIS FULL NAME!  My mum, my sister and I were so shocked this weekend when we were chatting away, and then noticed Tyler had just got a pen and paper and was writing his name AND his surname. We could not believe it!!!


So that’s what he’s learnt this week (wow!). I’ll try to keep noting down things he says he has learnt each week.

Do you get surprised at what your child has learnt at school?

Sabrina x

6 responses to “School Diaries| What Tyler Learnt in Reception #1

    • Aw yes I am, and just so shocked at how much he knows. I guess I have no expectations too, so anything he does is a bonus haha! And it is so nice to see him having fun at school 🙂 xx

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  1. Oh I just love the list of things your son has learnt this week! The 25 before 26 and the beautiful colours for the gingerbread man – these are so special to remember! beautiful memory of a post #MarvMondays


  2. I used to love how much my eldest would learn at nursery and later on in reception. It would always amaze me how quick she’d learn a new song or new facts, Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays x


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