Corners Of My Home | The Birthday Sofa-Bed

It was my birthday last Thursday, and when asked what I wanted to do, did I want to have a day out, go on a shopping spree? Well actually the best birthday present would be to get some extra sleep and have a relaxing day at home in our pyjamas, watching movies and ordering pizza. And to make it even more relaxing, we set up the sofa bed in our living room!


We haven’t used it much in the 2 and a half years we’ve lived here. Originally we searched high and low for an L-shaped sofa bed, imagining we’d have family staying over loads when we bought our new place. Only thing is we never got around to getting blinds! So guests sleep over in Tyler’s room, there’s a double bed in there.


Anyhoo, it was so lovely having it out, and being able to watch TV in bed in the living room, falling asleep on it in the evening, that we’ve kept it out for the week! I’ll turn it back into a sofa tonight, but now we’re thinking, why not have it out as a sofa bed for a week each month?! It would be the chill-out week 😉


There’s something about having a bed in the lounge in our upper floor apartment that makes it feel like a swanky home in London! Of course the views are of glamorous Slough instead ;-P


We got this sofa bed from Dwell after months of searching for a corner sofa bed – not an easy find! It does the job, but the covers and shapes of the seat and back cushion did not last as long as I would have liked. They need constant cleaning as the fabric does attract dirt, and the zip broke off the removeable cover. So I wouldn’t recommend buying a sofa from them – just a warning, in case you were considering it!


We’re making the most of it, it’s snug and comfy, and Lily and Tyler love lounging around on it. It’s a novelty for them I guess!




In other news, I painted one of my neon coffee tables in gloss blue the other day. It was the neon yellow one and was looking pretty manky with all the scuffs, peeling paint and sticky drinks spillages. It’s looking good as new now, and hopefully will be easier to clean with the gloss finish.


My birthday was the most relaxing day, I switching off from blogging totally and chilled out with my little family. My husband looked after the kiddos in the morning so I could sleep a bit more, and then he made me breakfast in bed! They brought in balloons and presents and even a birthday cake!


When we set up the sofa bed, we ordered Dominos and watched Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory (twice  – Tyler’s request!) And after we put the kiddos to bed in the evening, I settled in the sofa bed to watch the new series of America’s Next Top Model. That was a bonus to find out that show was back on, though it is a bit strange having Rita Ora host it :-$


The day went so quickly, and I had so much fun, I wish it could be my birthday everyday. I’m keeping the cards and birthday banner up for the whole of February though – well it is my birthday MONTH 😉

How do you celebrate your birthday these days?

Sabrina x

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  1. We’re looking for sofa beds at the moment or even thinking of seeing if we can get something custom made. I have a guest bedroom pinterest board full of ideas!! They are such a great solution!


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