Neon makeover for a nest of 1950s tables

You may have seen my makeover of my neighbour’s 1950s nest of tables in the August 2014 issue of Style at Home magazine. Well here is how I did it:

20150104_182705 copy

1) After a good clean, I sanded down the rough edges, mainly the table corners and the feet.


2) Painting the legs – I painted them light grey with quick-drying satin gloss from Wilkos. I didn’t bother with primer, and they are still looking good 8 months later.

0283281_m2 copy

3) Then the fun bit – the neon table tops. I used Rustoleum Neon Paints which I purchased from Homebase in pink, green and yellow. Again I didn’t use primer, just painted straight on and did a second coat on the following day.


4) And finally, here is the finished product! The finish is smooth and wipeable. The tables have had many milk and coffee spillages, and the paint is still looking as bright as ever. It has the thumbs up from my toddler 🙂

20140426_183353 copy

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11 responses to “Neon makeover for a nest of 1950s tables

  1. I did see this in the magazine!! You’re so, so clever. I love a bit of neon and the tables look a million times better. Do you find you now walk around wondering what you can paint next? Everything I own currently seems to be a candidate for a bit of dip-dyeing.


    • Oh yay, how exciting you saw it! I do love neon, it’s so in fashion at the mo. Yes I do look for what to paint next! Although we’ve run out of stuff, I now can’t go past a charity shop without checking for my next project! xx


  2. So clever! I would never have tried painting any furniture in neon until I saw this post, as I would be too scared – but you make them look so funky and cool. Adore this makeover. What a fab idea. Want to paint something neon now! Thanks for sharing, and linking up. Much appreciated 🙂 Jess x #HomeEtc


    • Thank you! They are crazy colours, the key is the use a neutral colour like the light grey to compliment it – otherwise it could look very scary! Yeah, go buy some neon paints! xx


  3. Aaah you clever thing!!! I LOVE a pop of neon here and there — amazing how well it works in interiors. I LOVE this upcycling project — it just makes you realise just what you can do with paint and a bit of creativity! Thanks so much for linking up with #HomeEtc x

    Caro |


    • Thank you! Yes I love the pops of colour, they really bring something old back to life! Thank you for starting this linky, I’ve really enjoyed looking at everyone’s posts 🙂


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