School Diaries | What Tyler Learnt in Reception #2

In the last 2 weeks before February Half Term, Tyler’s class has been learning about fairy tales – Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Hen. They have a cardboard castle in their castle that the kids have been playing in. There’s been lots of drawing and Tyler has brought home a picture nearly everyday. I also discovered they’ve been having ICT classes when Tyler mentioned it (ICT in Reception?!!) Well that explains how he suddenly knows how to use the mouse and keyboard on Nana’s computer!


Here are the random things he has come out with:

“You know, in The Gingerbread Man, the fox ate the rabbit” (??? – I don’t know the story, but what?!)

“Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman”

“QUACK!!! Said the noisy duck”

“Not I said the lazy dog. Not I said the sleepy cat.”

“The sssssnake in the grassssss”

“I am small, you are medium and Nana is big.”

“‘A’ lost her hat in ICT” 
Me: You have ICT?! What do you do in ICT? Do you use a mouse and a keyboard?
“Yes. We play cat on the screen”

He’s been counting from 1 to 100 everyday, which he says they have been learning in school. He also says he’s been learning phonics with a different teacher with 7 of his class, so it sounds like they have split the class into smaller groups to learn phonics.

Here are some of the drawings he has brought home. The one on the left is Jack and the Beanstalk. The one on the right, he came out saying “I drew my dad!” – which is interesting as he always calls him ‘Dada’ at home. I said “Did everyone draw their dad?” He said “No, everyone drew their mummy, but I drew Dada because Dada would be soooooo happy that I drew Dada!” – now imagine that in his sweet little voice. It melted my heart. Of course I told Ganesh, whose heart also melted!


We are now in Half Term, which is a nice break to rest and get ready for the second half of term. I’m actually looking forward to what he will learn next!

What have your little ones learnt this term?

Sabrina x


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